Let’s examine the advantages of wooden handrails in Singapore. Wooden handrails are a fantastic alternative for homeowners seeking something sturdy and stylish. In this post, we’ll detail the significant advantages of handrails made from wood, as in a few essential aspects to consider when selecting this type of system for railings.


What are the benefits of wooden handrails?

Handrails made of wood are a classic option for walkways and staircases, and they provide a timeless look which can be a perfect match for any decor. Handrails made of wood also offer several benefits you’re not conscious of.

  • Wooden handrails are incredibly sturdy, and they can stand up to a lot of use and wear, making them the ideal choice for heavily used areas.

Also, wood is a robust material, meaning you won’t have to fret about your handrail breaking or falling over if you lean upon it too much.

  • Wooden handrails provide a good grip, which is crucial when you reside in an area prone to rain or snow. Wood is a non-slip material which means you can be sure that your handrail will offer an enviable grip for everyone who is using it.
  • Wooden handrails are simple to maintain, and they don’t require sanding or painting as frequently as you would with other materials, such as plastic or metal. A quick clean-up using a damp cloth is often all you need for your railing to look brand new.


The advantages of wooden handrails in Singapore

There are numerous advantages to having wooden handrails at your home. Here are a few which might be surprising to you:

  1. Handrails made of wood are more durable than metal ones, and they are more resistant to wear and tear and last for longer.
  2. Handrails made from wood are also more appealing than metal ones. They add a touch of luxury to your home, and they can be painted or stained to match your interior.
  3. Handrails made of wood are also simpler to put up than those made of metal. You can install them yourself using a couple of tools, making them an excellent DIY project.
  4. Additionally, wooden handrails are also less expensive than metal ones, and you can purchase them in most hardware stores for only a tiny fraction of the cost.

If you’re searching for an alternative handrail to add to your home, look into railings made of wood. You’ll be amazed at the advantages they provide!

Why should you consider investing in handrails made of wood?

Handrails made of wood have a timeless and stylish look that will enhance the value of your house. There are many benefits when you invest in railings made of wood that you may not have thought of. Here are some reasons that wooden fences make the best investment you can make:

  1. Wooden handrails are solid and last for a long time. If they are correctly maintained, they can last for a long time.
  2. Handrails made of wood are easy to maintain and clean. They don’t show marks or smudges as do other materials, which means they’ll look fresh and new with little effort.
  3. Handrails made of wood add a touch of elegance to your home, and they can help create an area that looks more sophisticated and elegant.
  4. Handrails made from wood can be crafted to fit your house’s style. You can select from a range of woods, stains and finishes to achieve the perfect design for your home.
  5. Wooden handrails are eco-friendly. If you select sustainably-sourced wood, you’ll be confident about the impact you have on the planet.

You may be looking to upgrade your installed handrails or begin from scratch.

What is the best way to select a high-quality wooden handrail?

When you’re considering a wooden handrail to install in your home, there are a few points you should be aware of.

  • Consider first the kind of wood you’re considering. Hardwoods like maple and oak are excellent options for handrails since they’re robust and durable. Softwoods like pine and cedar are also great options, but they’re not as sturdy as hardwoods, so they may not last as long.
  • Another aspect to keep in your mind is the finishing. If you wish that your railing endure a long time, you should choose the correct finish to protect it from UV light and moisture. Clearcoat finishes are ideal since they allow their natural wood beauty to be seen.
  • Ensure that you select a handrail appropriate to meet your requirements. For those who have a smaller staircase, it’s best to pick a shorter fence. If you’ve got large stairs, it is recommended to select the largest handrail.

When you consider these things, you’ll make sure you choose an excellent wooden railing that will last for many years.


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