Uncountable people are searching for authentic ways to maintain their wooden decking. There are a few challenges with maintaining a wood deck, and everything needs maintenance, especially decking’s. When searching for questions to support the wooden decking, you have landed in the right place. Here we have gathered some significant ways to keep your wooden decking. So stick to the end and see six ways of how you can maintain a wooden deck.


Repairing any stuff that is broken makes it last longer. However, in the case of the decking, you should be aware of fixing the loose screw or scooted plank. It is commonly seen that repairing a deck keeps it in place longer. To repair a deck, you should first locate areas that need fixing. If you see a small crack appearing on your deck, then you should know that your deck is asking for staining. For protection against further damage to wooden decking, it is best to stain the deck ASAP to avoid more destruction of wooden decking. However, if you see more significant cracks than usual, the time to satin it has passed. Now, what you should be doing is using a re-surfacer to increase your wood deck’s life span. Additionally, if you see any severe cases of the decks drifting apart because of cracks, you must get a new wooden deck.

Debris Removal

Another most important thing to notice is removing clean dust and debris. Clean the deck daily by using a broom to remove visible dust. In this way, the deck will remain clean without changing or staining. Make sure you use a broom or brush with a soft bristle. These soft bristles brushes will help you clean the wooden deck deeply. You can use a broom to clean the leaves and other solid things whereas, and you can use the brush to deep cleanse the decking. Additionally, You can also check for any loose screws or cracked decking so you can take action instantly.


It is not necessary to wash the wood decking daily or weekly as it can fade its color. Start cleaning by first removing mold left due to wet surface. You can use a no scrub solution to clean as cleaners with chlorine, or other harsh chemicals may weaken and fade decking. Moreover, you can use a mild dish wash soap to clean it. Do not apply decking solution or soaping on the deck directly; mix it with water to keep its impact gentle.


After spreading the whole cleaner over the decking, scrub it with a stiff-bristled brush to remove any algae in nooks or crannies. You may use other tools that could help you clean the hidden parts of the deck. You can use pressure washing to remove the dirt from the gaps. By doing this, you can increase the chance of decking staying longer. However, wood decking may not last longer than WPC decking.

Note that the deck could be slippery after washing, so avoid walking or running on it.


Staining decking at least once a year increases its durability, retains its color, and protects it from UV rays. To stain:

  1. Stir the stain to mix it perfectly.
  2. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat to avoid overlap. You may do the first coat roughly as you will cover it by the second.
  3. Remember to wait at least two to three hours to let the first coat dry completely.
  4. After two hours, apply the second coat neatly.

After staining, let it dry for a day and keep the debris and dust away from it because it can get stuck on a freshly stained deck.


Oiling the wooden decking is another way to maintain it. You may need an oil can and a paintbrush to do the deed. It solely depends on the size of the decking and how much oil it would take. Apply a neutral amount of oil on the decking using a wide bristle paintbrush. In this way, there will be reduced chances of overlapping marks of oiling. This is an essential step to maintaining a wood timber deck.

You can do oiling in two coats. Let the first layer of oil dry as staining first, then apply the second layer. By doing this, your decking will look livable and new, and oil will protect the decking from damage and keep it in its form without cracks.

Your deck will now be nourished and have its natural look back again. Please make sure you clear dirt and debris away regularly, so it stays looking its best for as long as possible.

Treating new wooden decking in the best possible way:

Most of the time, the new decking material is already treated to prevent additional hard work. If you have bought the decking material online, you can ask the seller whether the decking is already treated or not. However, if you hire a contractor for installation, that contractor can give you much information about your decking. If you want to hire a suitable contractor, read our blog to know what you should know when choosing a deck contractor.

Moreover, you can check by yourself whether the decking you have bought is treated or not. Just have a closer look at the edges, and they will be slightly lighter than the surface of the decking.

Final Verdict

Maintaining wooden decking is neither too easy nor too difficult. However, you will need some spare time to clean, stain and oil it. Make sure you clean them after every two days. As far as the washing of the deck is concerned, you can do it once a month and make sure to stain the decking once a year. Thus, if you want your deck to last longer, make sure you take good care of it. Make sure you buy good-quality decking. To have a choice for decking, visit our website today.

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