What is Wood Trellis?

Wood trellis is an outdoor wooden structure that adds value to your home not only aesthetically but also by providing more usable space if you cover it up with a roofing on top. In Singapore, wood trellis is usually made of Chengal wood, which comes from Malaysia

Chengal Wood Trellis at a Condominium Unit

In installing wood trellis, the first step is to erect the necessary and strong standing posts as support.


Chengal Wood Trellis with Standing Posts

If there is a concrete wall on one side of the trellis, we can do without the standing posts. Instead, we plug the wood supports to the wall.

House owners may choose to install polycarbonate or composite panels on top of the wood trellis, to cover the space and protect it from rain. In such cases, the details of the wood trellis will be adjusted to fit the sizes of the polycarbonate and composite panels.

Other Designs of Wood Trellis

Should you have any design to do, consult us and we will adjust accordingly.

Chengal Mini Trellis to Hang Plants

Chengal Wood Trellis with Square Patterns

Whatever your wood trellis enquiry is, reach out to us at 86162206 on whatsapp or enquiry@sggoodwood.com.