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Why Use WPC (Wood Plastic) Composite Decking

wpc composite decking

Pros Of WPC (Wood Plastic) Composite  Decking

It is Durable

WPC decking consists of HDPE which is a thermoplastic polymer. It improves its durability over its competitors. It can stand against any environment. The unique combination of wood fiber and HDPE makes it resistant to many destructive factors like molding, scratching, staining, decking, etc. Some companies are so confident that they give guarantees that their WPC will not be rotted, cracked, or decayed for several years.

It Requires Less maintenance
For cleaning WPC decks you will only need soap and water that is also very often. You can forget about big maintenances like painting, staining, sanding, etc. It has the easiest maintenance procedure.
Please note that sometimes WPC decking shows water stains. Just a little focus on hotter weather will be necessary to avoid it.
Our composite woods are anti-termite and very resistant to rotting. Strong aluminum support provides good and safe foundation for the composite wood decking. Rain water is perfectly find and will dry fast but do be careful with chemical stains. 
Composite Decking Uses Environmental friendly materials
The best thing about the WPC board is, it is environment friendly. Trees are not cut for their production. Wood fiver like wheat husk and HDPE is used in its production.
It doesn’t spread harmful formaldehyde in the atmosphere. It is free of urea, methanol, lead, and other dangerous components. If these elements come into contact with the human body or children inhale, these can cause severe poisoning.
A very strict ratio of green materials like stabilizers, modifiers, foaming agents, and other elements is maintained during its production. WPC decking is the future of our green revolution.
Composite Wood is Available in many colors

Suppliers can offer a variety of colors. Even some of them can make customized boards according to your unique color choice.

Composite Wood is Cost-Effective

The maintenance cost of WPC tends to be zero.  It gives you a chance to save money that is required for maintenance on a traditional wood board. Spend it on something else!

WPC Only Needs Easy Installation

WPC decks are easy to install as no sanding and varnishing is required. We simply clip the WPC decks with clips, usually stainless steel, onto our strong aluminum support.

cons wpc composite decking singapore

Cons of Wood Plastic Composite decking

Wood Plastic Composite Has Less heat resistance

WPC decking has less heat resistance than traditional wood. If you keep hot utensils on it there is a high chance of melting if the temperature is likely more than 70oC. For the same reason, the laser cutter cannot be used on these kinds of boards.

The initial cost is high

Natural woods are less costly than wood plastic composites though the maintenance costs are higher for the woods. But if you see the bigger picture like longevity and less effort in cleaning then the price is not that high.

Artificial materials

Wood fiver and virgin thermoplastics are being used here. So if you are looking for a 100% natural wood product, this board is not for you. It doesn’t have natural woods texture so it lacks the feeling of natural wood.

Composite Wood is Heavier than wood

If you are fond of lighter materials this is bad news for you. Composite wood is is heavier than natural wood. However, that  also makes it more durable but that’s a different thing. Even some companies nowadays provide hollow composite decking which is lighter than solid ones.

FAQ About Our Composite Decking Services

What is WPC? And Why Choose Our WPC (Wood Plastic) Composite Decking Services

Wood-plastic composite is a new type of green building material made from recycled wood pulp combined with non-toxic plastic. It is widely used in flooring, wall panels, and other construction materials, safe and healthy for people and the environment.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) has become the fastest-growing product category in outdoor furniture, second only to aluminum. You can find WPC products in a wide variety of applications, such as decking boards, fencing, siding, benches, picnic tables, garbage cans, and flower planters.

Wood-plastic composite is a green product that can reduce the usage of natural wood and non-renewable energy. It's a new kind of environmental protection material that has been widely used in outdoor decking, garden furniture, wall panelling, etc.

Tips when buying WPC

Here are some buying tips on how to choose a good quality WPC deck

  1. you must select a flooring contractor with a reputation for sourcing high-quality composite decking products for its customers.
  2. You should remain alert if you see any indication that the vendor is making excessive claims concerning a warranty or any other feature of the WPC product.
  3. If you wish to obtain the diverse test reports on the WPC product, including fire spread index, rotting test, and so on, you should ask for these documents.
  4. It is essential to realize that there is no such thing as a flawless product in this world. Therefore, ask the vendor whether there will be a maintenance team available if there is a problem.
Wood Plastic Composite or Natural Wood - Which one is better?

Wood Plastic Composite or Natural Wood - Which one is better?

If you are confused and feel paranoid between wood and WPC then look at the table below. Please avoided the plywood as it is not in the game of these two giants. Let’s take a look



WPC decking



Maintenance cost






                            Table: Comparison between wood and WPC decking'


WPC decking can also be used for outdoor wall cladding. While some have asked us to do for ceiling, we recommend against doing WPC ceiling as WPC decks are heavy materials.

One of the main advantages that WPC has over wood is that it will not warp or rot. In addition, because it's made from recycled plastic, you can feel confident knowing that your decking won't harm the environment. If you are considering a durable material, WPC is an excellent choice.

Composite wood decking is an excellent alternative to wood if you want the natural look of wood but want something more durable. The above article is intended to be helpful, but please visit our website if you need more information or help.

Does decking attract rats?
No, it doesn’t. Generally open food sources like nuts, seeds attract rats. So isolated decking doesn’t attract rats.
Is composite decking slippery when wet?
It hardly gets slippery when wet. It is manufactured keeping in mind that the consumer should take fewer maintenance measures for it.
Can the WPC board be painted?
It is very difficult to varnish composite wood as they are not real wood. WPC is produced to be a prefinished product. That is why we keep a selection of colours to provide options for clients.