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Personalize Outdoor Living with Composite Wood Decking

As a premium Wood Plastic Composite decking specialist in Singapore, we have completed a wide range of projects. At Good Wood, we bring the art of wood to your home. Every WPC decking project is done with great care and workmanship.

There is nothing better than a new deck to bolster your property’s value. With competitiuve prices and minimal upkeep, our deck boards can make your curb appear more appealing than ever. Leverage the natural strength of composite wood without having to worry about painting the deck.

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WPC Deck–The Ultimate Choice

Owing to its easy installation and maintenance, composite decking can be a perfect place for outdoor parties and family gatherings. The fact that there are no harmful chemicals involved makes it an eco-friendly option as well.


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Why Use WPC (Wood Plastic) Composite Decking

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Pros Of Composite  Decking

It is Durable

WPC decking consists of HDPE which is a thermoplastic polymer. It improves its durability over its competitors. The unique combination of wood fiber and HDPE makes it resistant to most environmental adversities. .

It Requires Less maintenance
All you need is soap and water to clean and maintain wood plastic decking. There is no need of maintaining techniques like painting, staining, and sanding.
It Uses Environmental friendly materials
The best thing about the WPC board is, it is environment friendly. Trees are not cut for their production. Wood fiver like wheat husk and HDPE is used in its production.
It is Cost-Effective

The maintenance cost of WPC tends to be zero. It gives you a chance to save money that is required for maintenance on a traditional wood board.

cons wpc composite decking singapore

Cons of Wood Plastic Composite decking

Wood Plastic Composite Has Less heat resistance

WPC decking has less heat resistance than traditional wood. If you keep hot utensils on it there is a high chance of melting if the temperature is likely more than 70oC. For the same reason, the laser cutter cannot be used on these kinds of boards.

The initial cost is high

Natural woods are less costly than wood plastic composites though the maintenance costs are higher for the woods. But if you see the bigger picture like longevity and less effort in cleaning then the price is not that high.

Artificial materials

Wood fiver and virgin thermoplastics are being used here. So if you are looking for a 100% natural wood product, this board is not for you. It doesn’t have natural woods texture so it lacks the feeling of natural wood.

Composite Wood is Heavier than wood

If you are fond of lighter materials this is bad news for you. Composite wood is is heavier than natural wood. However, that  also makes it more durable but that’s a different thing. Even some companies nowadays provide hollow composite decking which is lighter than solid ones.

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The Best in Buisness

We focus on leaving timber and composite decking in the dust. We do that by addressing all the pain points of outdoor space lovers in Singapore. Our services are sure to give our clients the ultimate outdoor experience.

Extensive Experience

When you join hands with us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our team comprises professionals who have an extensive knowledge and sufficient experience in the wood industry. .

Client-Centered Service

We cut no corners in amking sure that our customers get the most satisfactory services. No matter what your needs are, our team is here to fulfill all of them for you. We pide ourselves in our excellent customer service. .

High-Quality Products

At Good Wood, we are dedicated towards supplying high-quality, bespoke machined timber for your decking projects. There is no denying that our range of products and services are of exceptional quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wood plastic composite?

A wood-plastic composite is a new type of green building material made froma unique blend of natural wood and plastic fibers. Pulp, bamboo, sawdust, unused bark, and peanut hulls are combined with plastic powder to form WPC.

The best thing about WPC is that it can be completely created from recycled materials from wood product manufacturing facilities.

Is composite decking any better than wood?

Yes. It certainly is. Composite decking is created to combat all the wood’s flaws. It was initially brought into the market as a direct competitor to conventional timber decking. Compodited decking is much better than the traditional one in aspects of security, installation, maintenance time, and costs.

Quick tips
According to your team of experts which wood-plastic composite decking should I use?

If you are looking for a natural wood finish to your projects, there is nothing better than standard wood-plastic composite boards. And, if better weather resistance is what you are aiming for, the composite boards wrapped in a protective polymer layer is the choice to make.

Does composite decking get hot?

Yes. It certainly does. Like any other material, it tends to become extremely hot under consistent exposure to sunlight. You must ask your composite provider to place the deck in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

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