There are generally three styles of wood flooring or wall pattern you commonly see. The most common pattern is a straight one.

1. Straight Pattern

Burmese Teak Wood Flooring @ Essec Business School

Wood Flooring with Straight Pattern (Horizontal)

Straight pattern is the easiest and most straightforward pattern to visualize and install as well. Prior to installation, the installers may ask the customers whether they want the wood laid in horizontal or vertical pattern from the door view. Most of the time, the preferred choice is the horizontal pattern from the door, probably because the length of the wood is laid across from left to right – similar to the manner we read and write.

2. Herringbone Pattern

The key requirement to lay herringbone pattern is that all the wood planks must be of the same lengths and also have two tongues and two grooves on the sides. Herringbone wood flooring is only possible once these criteria are met. The zigzag pattern with uniform rectangle planks are distinct characteristics of herringbone style wood flooring. Laying wood flooring with herringbone style is generally more expensive than laying with straight pattern as herringbone necessitates more labour and more wood wasted.

Herringbone Burmese Teak Wood Flooring

3. Chevron Pattern

What is the difference between chevron and herringbone? Some may not notice the difference as they are both zigzag patterns, but there is a one distinct difference between the two. While rectangle planks are used for herringbones, chevron requires trapezium planks with triangular edges on each side of the planks.

Chevron White Oak Wood Flooring

Before the installation of chevron wood flooring, all wood planks need to have their edges trimmed – usually in 45 degree angle. This triangular edges when joined would then produce straight line joints across the flooring and you would see the perfect V shapes. Just as herringbone, doing chevron wood flooring will also consume more wood wastage and labour and therefore making its price more expensive than normal straight patterns. Unfortunately, due to rising costs of renovation and inflation over the decades, herringbone and chevron are less and less commonly seen.

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