Living room fitted with eco resilient flooring

For a long time, bamboo flooring has been considered the most resilient flooring available, but do you know that, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t?

Bamboo flooring is durable, but after ten to fifteen years, they start to show signs of stress from constant use.

With that being said, and with different types of flooring available, like tiles, wood, and eco resilient flooring, what is the most durable flooring you can get for your dream home? Read the article to find out.


Eco Resilient Flooring

Eco resilient flooring


Many types of flooring can be classified under eco resilient flooring, and vinyl flooring, rubber, and cork belong to this classification. The characteristics that they share to be considered eco resilient are their durability and the eco-friendly quality that they have.

In terms of aesthetics, eco resilient flooring looks like wood flooring, but it is far more durable because of its flexibility. This elasticity makes this type of flooring excellent for noise reduction. It’s not uncommon to see eco resilient flooring in commercial spaces and houses because of their ability to return to their original shape, thus making them perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic.


Benefits of Having Eco Resilient Flooring

The flooring is an essential feature of any home or commercial space; aside from beautifying the area, they also dictate how comfortable you’re going to be while walking around. A good flooring also has to be durable because whether for businesses or your home, they will experience heavy foot traffic.

There are a lot of benefits to having eco resilient flooring installed, and here are the best ones:


1. Eco-Friendly

With many people being more concerned for the environment, actions are being taken to produce more eco-friendly materials. It’s no secret that some of the things we use every day contribute to the degradation of the environment; that’s why every move towards preserving it helps.

Eco resilient flooring, being made from combined materials like wood, mineral fillers, and synthetic fibres, ensure the durability of the flooring and natural, eco-friendly quality. While flooring made from wood can be eco-friendly, do consider that trees need to be cut to come up with their materials. To go fully eco-friendly, trust eco resilient flooring to help you achieve that goal.


2. Slip Resistant

Tile floorings and even some wood floorings can be slippery when wet. This tendency to be slippery can be especially dangerous if you have children at home because they tend to run around a lot.

An eco resilient flooring eliminates the dangers of slipping because of its elastic material. Combining these materials makes this type of flooring absorb the majority of the water while making the remaining ones easier to clean. The surface of this flooring, comprised of a combination of rubber and other synthetic materials, also guarantees maximum grip, preventing accidents.


3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Let’s be honest; some of us choose a particular type of flooring for their looks, and why wouldn’t we? If it’s something that will be a part of our home for a long time, it might as well be something that we like to look at. With eco resilient flooring, there are tons of designs to choose from; that’s why if you have a specific look that you have in mind, you don’t have to sacrifice it for the sake of having eco-friendly flooring.

Most of these floorings employ a wood design, but some designs are unique and cater to your particular taste. Having a dedicated design layer means that you can find a design that will suit your style without sacrificing your desire to be more environmentally friendly.


4. Affordable

Beautifying your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Eco resilient floorings made from recycled materials are significantly more affordable than tile or wood floorings. Without the need to cut certain types of trees or get the proper kinds of stones, this type of flooring’s cost also reflects its efficient nature.

Why blow all your savings on your flooring alone when you can use the remaining money from having eco resilient flooring installed on other essential things?


5. Durability

The most important part of any flooring is its durability. After all, they will be stepped on every day, so durability is tantamount to savings because you will save yourself the unnecessary cost of having your damaged flooring repaired when you choose eco resilient flooring.

This type of flooring is made up of multiple layers, and each layer ensures the longevity of the flooring. Being elastic also means that eco resilient floorings can absorb a lot and return to their original shape.

Tiles tend to break or crack when something heavy accidentally falls on them, and the tile cement underneath might also become brittle and eventually break due to the changing climate. You won’t have to worry about these things with eco resilient flooring because they are built to last.



It used to be hard to find a perfect balance between being environmentally conscious and having aesthetically pleasing materials; they used to not mix together well. But with advancements in technology and human ingenuity, things like eco resilient flooring, which combines beauty and environmental efficiency, have come about.

Good Wood Carpentry offers eco-friendly furniture and materials like eco resilient flooring. This company is committed to bringing nature to your home, and they also offer installations and a deep understanding of your needs. For more information about Good Wood Carpentry, you can visit their product page, or read about helpful feedback on their reviews page.

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