VC Engineered Wood

VC Engineered Wood

VC Engineered Wood stands for Vinyl Clip Engineered Wood, which is a newly designed Engineered Wood flooring material that has the practical advantages of Vinyl flooring but at the same time has a solid wood layer at the top.

VC Engineered Oak Wood with natural UV Lacquer size 10mm (T) x 170mm (W) x 1218mm (L)

To appreciate the qualities of VC Engineered Wood, let’s go through the advantages of Vinyl flooring over normal wood or engineered wood flooring.

Vinyl flooring advantages:
   1. Easy maintenance
   2. Water-resistant
   3. Termite-resistant
   4.Easy, fast and environmentally friendly installation

VC Engineered Wood flooring is designed (as image below) to allow customers to enjoy the good properties of Vinyl flooring above while having real wood flooring.

VC Engineered Wood flooring is designed

Technical things to note positively about our VC Engineered Wood:

  1. 7 layers of UV lacquer instead of standard two coats of varnish
  2. Magnesium core instead of plywood core
  3. Clipping system between planks without plywood subfloor

Why is VC Engineered Wood an upgrade from the normal Engineered Wood? Let’s have a quick look below.

Key Differences:

Differences VC Engineered Wood Normal Engineered Wood Advantages
Top Coating 7 layers of UV Lacquer 1 or 2 coats of varnish More scratch and stain resistant
Centre Core Magnesium Core Plywood Core Resistant to water and termite issues
Installation Speed and Implication Clip system, no glue, no plywood subfloor Needs plywood subfloor and glue Faster and chemical-free installation
Thickness 10 mm direct lay Normally 20 mm or above with plywood subfloor No need to trim doors, etc as the floor is not thick
Method of Installation Can direct lay to any floor: concrete, tiles, wood, marbles, etc Ideally concrete base floor No need to spend money to hack old flooring before installing new floor

What if you prefer another colour or finish? You may consider substituting the UV Lacquer protection to some staining options below.

UV Lacquer - Original Finish

White Wash Stain – VC Engineered Oak Wood

Walnut Stain – VC Engineered Oak Wood

Burmese Teak Stain – VC Engineered Oak Wood

Indian Rosewood Stain – VC Engineered Oak Wood