Timber Decking Singapore

Thinking of Using Timber Decking For Your Next Project?

timber decking Singapore

The most crucial question that homeowners ask when building their new house is which type of decking will be the most durable, versatile, and affordable?

Homeowners looking to build a long-term investment must consider certain vital factors before making their decision. When picking out which type of decking to use, they must consider several things, such as cost, durability, and maintenance. Most importantly, whatever materials they choose should be environmentally friendly. But what's the best option for you? Let us discuss the benefits of using timber decking in your home.

Our Proudly Completed Timber Decking Projects

As a premium timber decking specialist in Singapore, we have completed a wide range of projects. At Good Wood, we bring the art of wood to your home. Every timber decking project is done with great care and workmanship, so speak to us and see what we have to offer!

What is timber?

Timber is a wood building material. Solid and versatile, it is the perfect building material.

Timber is made from logs that come from forests. Logging companies cut down trees and mill them into different wood planks called "boards," which they sell to make furniture and other wooden items.

The word timber comes from the Old French "timbre," which means. The modern terms "timber" and "lumber" both stem from the old English word for timber; this was "lumbar," meaning. The spelling eventually changed over time.

Decking: What is it?

Decking is a technique used in the field of carpentry. It is when you cut your log or timber into square pieces using a circular saw. You can then use those parts to build something, such as a deck.

Decking is quite an easy process because it does not involve any hard graft. It involves the simple act of laying wooden slates or tiles on the ground to create a decking area.

One of the most prevalent trends in interior design is decking. It has become widespread to see decks built on top of balconies, terraces, or even sunrooms. There are lots of reasons why decks are so popular at the moment.

Decking allows you to convert unused space into an outdoor living area to make your home more livable and comfortable. You can create decks at any time of year, and they don't require a lot of maintenance to look great.

Why timber decking?

Outdoor timber decking is famous all over the world. It's great for patios, pools, porches, and other outdoor spaces. You can even lay it indoors on the bare floor or top of the carpet.

A timber deck is a traditional choice for many homes. Durable and attractive, timber decking has stood the test of time, while newer materials like composite decking have come and gone. While it comes in different grades, timber decking is inexpensive to install compared to other decks because it does not need special tools or adhesives.

Wood is capable of achieving a natural, rustic look that can complement many landscaping designs. Wood decks are the perfect addition to any outdoor project because they offer great functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Although wood is more expensive than most other decking options, it offers more excellent durability and cost savings in the long run. A wooden deck will last much longer than its composite or PVC counterparts. It's an investment that you won't regret when you stop having to replace parts every few years.

Timber Decking
Popular Types of Timber Decking

Burmese teak wood is one of the world's most desirable woods because it is strong, durable, and prosperous red color. People used it to build many of the world's finest boats during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is still used in luxury products like fine furniture, pool cues, musical instruments, and veneer.

The thickest growth rings on Burmese teak wood are found near its center. This growth ring pattern makes it possible to determine the age of trees without cutting them down.

Burmese teak wood decking is the finest quality outdoor lumber available. The Teak used for all of our products is sourced from local plantations in Myanmar. It is finished with a natural oil sealant that protects it from the elements. Burmese teak decks are perfect for any backyard or entertaining area where you want to create an upscale setting. Burmese Teak is a great decking material. It's easy to work with, can be stained or left natural, and will last for years.

Chengal wood is a natural varnish that Malaysians have used to build houses and boats for centuries. It is also called Meranti, or Seraya in Malaysia. It has been determined to be one of the best materials to use for decking due to its excellent resistance to termites, rot, and fungi.

In recent years, many Malaysians have installed chengal decking in their homes. The demand for this product has grown, thanks to its excellent durability and beauty tremendously. Chengal wood is very hard and weather resistant with natural oils, making it ideal to use outdoors. It will withstand sun, rain, frost, and snow without warping or splitting.

A new trend in outdoor furniture design is to use the natural beauty of timber combined with contemporary designs - this means you can protect your patio.

Benefits and Drawbakcs of Timber Decking
  • As a short-term solution, timber could prove to be the most economical.
  • Timber Decking is more beautiful and natural. A wood deck is much warmer than one made of plastic or aluminum.
  • The labor cost for installing decking timber is low.
  • With high-quality wood, outdoor timber may also resist insects and rot.
  • Decking made from wood can be easily cut up and reassembled in different configurations and sizes.
  • Minor surface cracks and discoloration can happen for timber decks but proper maintenance will help prolong the condition of the timber decking
  • The client is advised to sand and varnish to timber deck for maintenance purposes once every few years. 
  • The cost of hardwood lumber will depend on its durability and availability.

Timber decking is a fantastic option to add value and character to your home. It can also be an attractive addition that will make your house feel spacious, especially if you have limited space on the ground floor.  Speak to us to learn more about our timber decking services.