For any property, solid wood flooring provides a classic and elegant appearance. They are a strong, environmentally friendly, and helpful flooring alternative.


Wood is a versatile design material that gives personality and warmth to your living space. It provides a variety of designs, species, and installation and upkeep methods.


So, is wood the most excellent option for your new house renovation? Continue reading for a list of the top 7 things about solid wood flooring.

1. A Wide Range of Wood Species & Styles Are Available.

In the home, wood floors provide a significant design feature. Therefore, choosing the proper type and wood style is crucial to complement your living space’s design goals. It would help if you also considered your lifestyle, such as whether you have a pet.


Different wood kinds have other qualities to take into account, and these consist of their hardness, thickness, and aesthetic appeal.


In what ways does solid wood vary from softer woods? Harder woods are more long-lasting and durable. Species including teak (usually Burmese Teak), oak, maple, and walnut are included in this.


Trends in the Wood Flooring Industry


For flooring in a classic or domestic style, oak continues to be one of the most popular wood choices. However, many homes also choose distressed wood, and those with a hand-scraped finish are included.


It would help if you also choose between solid and engineered wood for your house. Learn the critical distinctions between the two types of flooring by referring to this guide.

2. Solid Wood Grain & Grading Add Character

A solid wood floor offers a very natural design feature. This covers grain, coloration, and grading.


Because of the variations in grain patterns, each type of wood produces a distinctive design. The way the wood is carved reveals these patterns. The looks offered by plain-sawn, rift-sawn, and quarter-sawn styles vary.


Significant colour changes are also offered via grading scales. For a smoother style, some woods have few to no flaws, but fewer flaws may result in a more costly flooring job.


Wood defects frequently have several knots for added character. For housing designs like rustic or farmhouses, this grade level is suitable.

3. Installing Methods Develop a Special Design


How solid wood floors are installed in your home can also be changed. It’s a practical solution for flooring in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Additionally, wood looks great in libraries, exercise facilities, and home offices.


Wide planks or thin strips of wood can be used as flooring. Try experimenting with various lengths, widths, and patterns for a distinctive design.


Other installation methods use various types of edging. Techniques for the edges can be square or bevelled.


Consideration should also be given to board thickness. Since thicker boards can be refinished more frequently, they are popular. A board of typical size can be refinished seven times.


Additionally, installers provide sealants and coatings for your flooring. These offer various surface textures while protecting the floor. Flooring components can be completed on-site or prefinished.

4. Wood Is an Economical Material for the Home


The cost of installing high-quality wood flooring will be high. However, it’s a durable choice that is well worth the price.


What would solid wood flooring cost you, then? Your choice of wood will influence the price per square foot.


Additionally, you should hire a qualified installation to guarantee that the task is done correctly. The majority of installers also provide a guarantee of some kind.

5. Wood Floors Offer More Convenience & Comfort


Wood might be more comfortable and quiet than carpet. However, there are still many ways to make wood a cosy material for the house.


Installers can add a noise-reducing underlayment. Additionally, warm air can be added to the house using insulation techniques. These suggestions can also help to reduce floorboard squeaks.

6. Keeping Floors in Top Condition Requires a Cleaning Routine

It would help if you kept in mind that solid wood flooring benefits from regular cleaning, which calls for regularly sweeping and vacuuming dirt and debris. To prevent scratches, be sure to utilise the vacuum cleaner’s hard floor mode.


To prevent water damage, you should also mop up spills as soon as they occur. Avoid using corrosive cleaners and aggressive chemicals that could strip the floors. Follow this Guide to Clean Your Wooden Flooring.

7. Maintain Wood Floors Properly to Extend Their Life


Extreme wear and tear can be made to wood flooring by both people and pets. Techniques for maintenance can improve the quality and durability of your floors.


Heavy furniture should be placed on area rugs to help protect the flooring. Floor mats should be used in heavy-traffic locations near entrances, and this prevents dirt from being tracked inside the house.


Additionally, window coverings help shield the floor from direct sunlight. A no-shoes policy is another preventive measure, and this is crucial for high-heeled shoes because they can harm your floor.


Refinishing floors is another option for removing dents and scrapes. However, for the best outcomes, this should be handled by a professional.


Solid Wood Flooring May Enhance The Beauty & Utility of Your Home.


Any home’s design benefits from the aesthetic and practicality of solid wood flooring. Your flooring can last a lifetime with the proper installation and upkeep methods.


Professional floor installers guarantee top-notch materials and artistry. Additionally, they may work with you to find the precise species, stain, grain, and grade for the desired aesthetic. Find out which type of wood flooring can alter your home the best. Contact SGGoodWood now to install the perfect wood flooring to your humble home now!


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