One of the most expensive real estates globally is located in Singapore. Yet there is plenty of space for growing food. Whether it’s an L-shaped or a rectangle-shaped pot, there is a pot for your home. Aside from preserving space, you can also find self-watering plant pots. This article will highlight a few different planter box types and explain how they differ.


Picking the Right Planter Box

There are a few ideas about the shape, color, and design. It could enhance your current landscape or redesign it to create a new appearance. If you are looking to purchase a planter container in Singapore, exploring the world beyond your imagination is possible.

When choosing a container for your planter, be sure to check that the box you select is frost-proof and has drainage holes. The excess water could drain away. Be sure to avoid using containers for plants that are too small. Always choose a giant planter box with enough space for the roots to develop. In addition, take a look at the plant’s label to determine its size of the plant.


The Best Soil Type to Choose Soil

Most suppliers of potting soil provide a range of potting soils suitable for the plants they’re intended to use, along with the minerals and nutrient content plants need to flourish. Rich loam and sandy is the perfect soil for the majority of species. There are three kinds of this soil. The amendment of soil using compost is typically needed. This is contingent on how compact the ground is. Don’t buy pot soil solely based on price, but according to the type of plant you own.


Plant at the right time

The best time to purchase pot plants is May’s middle after the night frosts have gone. Do not rush to the local garden store to avoid danger to catch your first sun-kissed rays. Take your time with the plants, and it will be worth it.

In the hours before noon, when temperatures of the soil are more excellent, and water has a greater likelihood of getting into the ground deeply outdoors, all plants and flowers are best regularly watered. When you feed your plant earlier in the morning, you’ll be able to have enough moisture stored in their roots to withstand hot summer days.


Types of Planters


A ceramic planter box prevents root rot.

You probably got excited about its possibilities if you’ve recently purchased a ceramic planter. While you may be delighted with the look of your new plant, you need to remember that ceramic planters should always have adequate drainage holes. This is essential for keeping your houseplants healthy, and if you don’t, you risk damaging the pot and its roots. Choosing a ceramic planter that features a water trough is necessary to avoid thisproblem.

Water is essential for plants, as they need both water and oxygen. The soil should be moist and aerated. Overwatering a plant drowns its roots in water, preventing them from receiving oxygen, and this causes the roots to rot. Overwatering is among the main root rot causes. However, this condition can be prevented by monitoring water levels. If you’re not sure of the right amount of water needed for your plant, you can try placing your finger in the soil


Self-watering plant pots

The market for self-watering planter pots in Singapore is predicted to grow significantly over the next few years. The growth in the residential construction industry in developing nations like Singapore, India and China is driving this market. Additionally, the growing population in these countries generates lucrative opportunities for manufacturers. These factors are expected to boost the global market for self-watering plant pots. But, how do manufacturers increase sales?

There are many advantages of using self-watering plant pots for your plants. 

  • First of all, they reduce water wastage. Moreover, these containers have built-in water reservoirs, which keep the soil constantly in contact with water. This ensures that the earth is well-moisturized without spending excessive amounts of water on the pot.
  • Secondly, these containers are beautiful and are suitable for most types of houseplants.


Rectangular or L-shaped Planter Box

A planter box is a pot that is usually rectangular or L-shaped. It is often used on balconies. Its popularity was first seen in the mid-2000s when they were created to provide additional greenery in the city’s skyscrapers. Today, many homes in Singapore have at least one of these planters on their balconies. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right one for your home:

The most common shape for a planter in Singapore is the rectangular or L-shape. The rectangular shape is excellent for delimiting spaces and providing a sturdy base for long straight plants. The pots are designed for indoor and outdoor use. These containers are also aesthetically pleasing and can be used indoors or outdoors. They come in different colours and sizes, and they are an excellent option for balconies, patios, and decks.


Accent pieces

One way to sell plants and accents in your planter is to mix them up with different accents and decor items. A good trick is to blend the accents and decor items and use them to create surprises. Here are some ideas:


Plastic flower pots

If you are looking for a planter box in Singapore, you are lucky because numerous stores sell these pots. You can find everything from a single flower pot to various kinds.

If you want to purchase Plastic Plant Pots, there are some tips that you can follow.

  • First, check out the soil. If it is acidic or salty, it may harm certain flowers. Salty soil will cause the plant to die.
  • Also, poor water quality will cause the plant to wilt. It is essential to choose plastic flower pots for planters that contain the proper amount of water.
  • Also, make sure the banks have drainage holes. This will prevent soil-based plant disease.


Wood decking

Most Singaporeans choose to have their balcony plants on the ledge. But the new design of high-rise homes includes planter boxes for aesthetic and safety reasons. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, planter box decking allows you to maximize the balcony space. You can install removable decking planks directly on the drainage area if you have a small balcony. Using these wooden decking tiles, you can enjoy a beautiful and safe garden deck.


For beautiful and healthy outdoor decking, go for Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd. This type of wood has almost zero or very little VOC content and does not burn under stable temperatures. Homeowners with young children prefer it. You can even opt for wood-plastic composites. These materials are primarily used in the construction industry. But if you are not too fussed with the appearance of your deck, you can go for other types of decking.

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