One of the critical components in interior design is the floor. The style and decor of your home will significantly depend on the flooring you choose, which is another crucial choice. Parquet flooring is a fantastic option if you want to give your home’s interiors some warmth and charm, and the fact that it also acts as insulation is a bonus! For you to make an informed decision and select what is best for you, we provide you with the dirt on parquet flooring. Several options are available, all with quite varied styles and price ranges.

1. Design Matters

Given how crucial flooring is to the look and feel of your house, it merits extra consideration. And updating it can raise your space’s worth, appeal, and functionality. Due to its brightness and the fact that, in contrast to colder tiles, parquet wood flooring gives homes an exquisite and cosy appearance, it is a perfect choice. Design, texture, colour, and quality are essential considerations if you want the outcome to be desirable.

2. Pick The Appropriate Colour

The three main categories of wood flooring are light, medium, and dark. Consider some factors before determining which is best for you. To ensure that the parquet flooring complements your area, consider the size of your home, the quantity of natural light the room receives, and your personal decorating preferences. For instance, practically any type of parquet flooring will look good in a spacious, well-lit apartment. However, light-coloured parquet flooring is excellent in a tiny, dark area. Because not all parquet flooring colours go well with all types of furniture and design styles, it’s also essential to consider the style and colour of your furniture.

3. Patterns Add Style 

The wood pieces that make parquet flooring are arranged in a mosaic pattern. Parquet flooring can be utterly intriguing when they are set out in complex design arrangements. They have a long history of use in the building industry and have seen significant improvement recently. You can add the decorative patterns you desire to make your floor look lovely with careful design. The distinctive appearance of parquet floors makes them stand out from many other types of flooring. Herringbone flooring is popular because it provides a unique style that can ideally match your home.

4. Adhere to Your Budget

The budget and the amount of money you want to spend on a new floor are crucial factors to consider. The foundation is concealed by the flooring material, providing the floor’s surface. Blocks of smaller pieces arranged in a grid the size of tiles make up parquet. It is offered in a range of quality and costs, including solid wood, laminated wood, and chipboard covered in wood veneer, with the latter being the most expensive. Additionally, the quality and finish grade, surface, preparation, and labour rate affect how much it costs to install a typical hardwood parquet floor.


Benefits & Drawbacks of Parquet Flooring

There is no denying that parquet flooring is nicer and cosier than typical tiles and that it can offer your house a distinctive look. In actuality, wealthy and aristocratic families have long preferred open wood parquet floors. But before you make this crucial choice, you must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.


Aesthetically AppealingSusceptible to Scratching
Easy to MaintainCan Fade if overexposed to too much sunlight
Durable & LastingCan Be Damaged By Moisture
Adds ValueSealing & Polishing Required
Various Styles & Patterns AvailableCan be Expensive


Knowing the benefits and drawbacks, you are better prepared to select the ideal parquet flooring.


Maintaining Your Parquet Floors

If you already have parquet flooring in your home or are planning to install it, bear in mind these recommendations to prevent it from ageing too quickly and to maintain its shiny appearance:


  • Put in a carpet at the house’s front door since the outside dust erodes the parquet.
  • Try not to wear shoes inside the house.
  • The chair and other furniture legs should be protected.
  • If a glass of water or other liquid spills, quickly wipe it off using a soft cloth.
  • Use the right cleaning supplies or, for best results, create a homemade cleaner with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to protect the wooden floor naturally.
  • To minimise fading, try to minimise direct sunlight exposure on the floor during the day.
  • Refrain from vacuuming it after every cleaning. Purchase one of the brushes designed specifically for these kinds of flooring because they are available.
  • You’ll need to sand and varnish it.


Why Should You Choose SG Goodwoods?

Consider SG Goodwoods if you’re thinking about renovating your house. To make your ideal home a reality, schedule an online consultation with one of our designers immediately. We place a high priority on secure interiors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering installing parquet flooring in your home, have questions, or want additional guidance.


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