Decking made of WPC or Wood Plastic Composite is a decking that is a unique combination of wood and plastic. WPC refers to Wood Plastic Composite, and this composite is composed of 45% wood fibres and 55% HDPE and other additives.


What are the advantages of Wood Plastic Composite?

WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking has witnessed a substantial rise in popularity in recent years, and demand for WPC decking is predicted to increase year on year. Composite decking comes with a lengthy list of advantages for consumers and distributors, and it can be a formidable alternative to traditional decking, making it a worthwhile investment. Here is some vital information regarding WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking and the advantages you can anticipate when you decide to use it for your projects and outdoor areas.


Because of the plastic-based construction part of WPC decking, the product is more durable than its counterparts. This kind of decking is made to last, and its materials, combination and finish make it impervious to many elements that typically decrease the lifespan of wooden decking.

WPC decking resists fade scratching, staining, scratching, and mould. It’s so vital that STORM provides ten years of guarantee for the Triton WPC line against cracking, splitting, rotting and decay.

Very Low Maintenance

When you have WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking, there’s no have to be concerned about staining, sanding or painting. A once-in-a-while soap-and-water cleaning is enough to keep your deck looking good for a long time.

It is nevertheless important to note that composite decking can display water stains even though they tend to disappear following a rain; they might require a more thorough cleaning during hot weather, as the colours may become more apparent.


The Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd is constructed from environmentally friendly materials. The composite material is built to last and offers many wood decking characteristics but with no environmental footprint. Many WPC decking solutions consist of recycled materials or components created from sustainable materials.

The long-lasting life of WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking also means you don’t have to replace your decking more frequently than you would like, which means you are using more material than you need.


Composite decking made of WPC or Wood Plastic Composite may be more expensive at first, but the product looks excellent each year and is practically no maintenance costs. As we have already mentioned, composite decking needs less maintenance than traditional wood decking.

This means that you will spend less time cleaning your space and reaching for your wallet and gives you more significant time for spending your money on other items. WPC decking lasts longer than timber alternatives and consequently incurs less overall expenses for repairs and replacements.


Similar to everything else on WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking, the installation process is simple.

First, the substructure needs to be prepared, and drainage should be available underneath the deck.

It is recommended that the Subframe be laid and inclined from the walls. The Subframe should be spread across the length. Be sure that your Subframe is set away from any nearby walls or obstructions to allow for a slight expansion.

A WPC product’s expansion rate depends on the climate conditions in various locations. There will be a gap between the two WPC or Wood Plastic Composite¬† products based on this growth rate.

The reason for this is:

A minimum distance from walls or other obstacles could hinder the expansion of deck boards.

In fixing the clips at the beginning of the connecting pins, Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd suggests pre-drilling using drill bits to avoid breaking or cracking the Subframe because WPC products are high density.

Additionally, the substructure must be maintained and it must also be secured with expansion screws to the concrete. The Subframe must also be overlapping so every deck has a complete bearing at both ends.

It is recommended that WPC Double Faced Decking is a must in renovating or upgrading your deck the decking area, installing new decking, or creating additional dry, clean areas. It is a great option to use anytime throughout the year; however, we suggest it be done that it be installed during the spring-to-fall time frame due to generally cooler weather conditions.

To finish:

There should be an opening between two corner covers determined based on the rate of expansion in length.

Distance between fixing screws needs to be at a maximum level.

Suppose you want to fit the appropriate angle trim. In that case, you may utilize STORMfix, a single-part solvent-free hybrid adhesive with an exceptionally high initial grab as well as no-slip features.


Do you have any drawbacks with composite decking?

Initial cost high

WPC decking may be more costly than wood, but when you consider long-term usage, the total cost allows users to earn a decent return from their investments.

Wood that isn’t real

WPC composite decking may look like wood, but they’re not. This isn’t for you if you’re seeking an entirely new alternative to wood, but composite decking is a real-life imitation.

It is not free of maintenance.

WPC decking requires some regular maintenance to extend its life. It must be checked for debris and washed using soapy water. But, it’s not in the vicinity of the treated timber.

Why should you choose Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd?

The Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd applications for outdoor use are a collection of innovative products designed to enhance and improve your garden.

Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd provides TRITON WPC decking that comes in a range of sizes, colours, and designs to make sure that it is in line with the requirements of a range of different products.

The double-faced boards come in grey, teak natural, black and brown.

Additionally, the dual-faced decking came with the woodgrain look on one side and grooved on the second.

TRITON WPC decking with double faces can be purchased in different length size. These lengths are regarded as rare on the market.

Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd also offers the full selection of the products needed for decking made of WPC, including frames, step boards, angle trims and clips.

Are you in search of a WPC Decking Distributor?

If you’re searching for top-quality WPC decking alternatives and you’re looking for a distributor, then find a retailer who can supply the top products at the moment.

Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd has one of the largest selections of premium-quality building products available in Singapore. We provide rapid delivery times and keep many products in stock to deliver them to our customers in a short time.

The demand for WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking is growing, and with an extensive range of materials such as TRITON, The benefits of composite decking are becoming well-known.

Our team is always available to provide advice or answer any questions you may have.

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