Wooden Floors

The term “wood flooring” refers to any item made from wood and intended for use as flooring. Due to its longevity, environmental profile, and repair capacity, wood is frequently chosen for flooring. Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring are two different forms of wood flooring, and the advantages of engineered wood flooring will be the main topic of this article.

Engineered wood flooring comprises three to twelve layers of wood, each stacked on top of the previous layer. The layers then adhere to one another with glue. The top layer is thick hardwood, while the inner core layers are soft or firm plywood. Compared to solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is much more affordable and quicker to install.

Engineered Wood Flooring Offered in Singapore


Because wood flooring tends to give the inside and living spaces of buildings a more appealing appearance, many Singaporeans have adopted it for their homes. Engineered wood flooring now offers a selection of wood flooring styles from which homeowners can choose without going over their projected renovation budget, thanks to recent technological advancements.

Perks of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. It Offers a Range of Wood Species.

Singaporeans had a relatively small selection of wood species to choose from before the wood flooring business created engineered wood flooring. Teak, oak parquet, or the pricey solid wood planks were available. Homeowners in Singapore now have a variety of wood species to choose from, thanks to engineered wood flooring.

2. Increased Structural Steadiness

The engineered wood planks’ structure comprises numerous wood layers that enclose the core layer, giving the wood a higher degree of dimensional stability. Therefore, engineered wood flooring expands and contracts far less than solid parquet. Hevea, a rubber wood, is frequently used as the core layer of engineered wood in tropical nations like Singapore. This core layer gives floorboards more resilience against humid and moist environments.

3. Environmentally Sound

A solid wood flooring plank can yield five to seven pieces of premium engineered wood, which implies that engineered timber would require only a few pieces of wood to floor a standard room. Additionally, excellent-quality wood used in engineered flooring is typically sourced from trustworthy, well-audited sustainable forests. As such, both the environment and the homeowners benefit.

4. Cost Effective

Complete solid plank wood flooring is typically quite expensive due to several variables, including the wood’s origin, shipping costs, and the quality of the woodworkers. However, customers can experience the comfort and richness of solid wood flooring with engineered wood flooring without spending much money on renovations.

5.High Durability & Strong

A sufficient warranty coverage against warping and material flaws is typically provided with high-quality engineered wood flooring materials. The primary factor is that engineered wood is a finished good in contrast to solid wood planks. As a result, homeowners are safeguarded because makers of engineered wood flooring are responsible for any liability.

6. A Natural, Cozy & Healthy Material 

Natural wood does not collect dust mites, which is one of its most significant advantages. Particularly in children, dust mites can induce allergies or even asthma. Therefore, installing wood flooring enhances indoor air quality. Additionally, wood flooring makes the feet comfortable in any climate. In other words, whether it’s cold outside or hot inside, wood flooring keeps the feet cool and ensures they stay warm.

7. Last Over Long Periods of Time

When compared to laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring is more expensive. However, engineered wood flooring of a good calibre lasts longer than laminate flooring. This is because the wood flooring might be re-varnished after several years, giving it a fresh appearance, and it is not possible to re-varnish the laminate flooring’s surface.

In conclusion, people in Singapore will be better equipped to select the appropriate natural wood flooring products for their houses if they thoroughly comprehend the numerous advantages of engineered wood flooring. Sggoodwood provides the right and appropriate services to all our customers. Feel free to contact us further if you have any enquiries about engineered wood flooring.


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