While many may claim certain types of wood decking are termite proof decking, the real truth is that the only real termite proof decking is composite wood decking or Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC) decking. Some other decking choices which involve natural wood like Chengal wood decking or Teak wood decking are termite resistant, but they are not completely termite proof.


Why Is Composite Wood Decking  A Termite Proof Decking?

1. The Composition Of Composite Wood Decking


Unlike real solid wood which is 100% natural wood, composite wood is a mixture of wood and plastic. The plastic element effectively repels all kinds of insects from the wood.


2. The Use Of Aluminium Support Below

Unlike many natural wood deckings that use wood support below, our composite wood decking comes with aluminium hollow section support. Unless otherwise requested, this aluminium support system is our default system to give customers a completely hassle-free decking. Afterall, the structure below is also a big and crucial part of the decking. As such, if house owners choose composite wood decking for the reason of free maintenance, then the support has to be a strong one that does not need maintenance too.

The picture above shows the aluminium support below our composite deck. This system allows the whole decking, from top to bottom, to be termite proof.


What are the colours available for this termite proof decking?


We provide a wide selection of colours for this termite proof decking or composite wood decking. Some project photos are shared below.


Reach out to us for more information on termite proof decking. SGGoodWood will be able to provide the best measures necessary for termite proofing for your decks. Contact us now!

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