If you are looking for flooring options, the two main choices are timber flooring and parquet. Each has its advantages, and we break down the particulars of each type to give you some idea about which is best for your needs.


Pros Of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has been highly well-known in Singapore in recent  times. If you want the latest home decor trends, this kind of flooring is an excellent choice.

Parquet flooring makes it easy to create an attractive pattern using the mosaic design. The flooring style was first introduced by Europeans and quickly became a signpost for wealth and class. Since its introduction to the marketplace, it hasn’t diminished its appeal.

The patterns made by parquet flooring are distinctive and stunning and make the flooring an integral part of the home’s design. This kind of flooring involves laying pieces of wood together to create an original masterpiece. The art of using angular patterns, which are then set in place to develop elegant and durable flooring.

For parquet flooring, you can pick from a range of wood species, including oak, walnut, pine, maple, and other types. In Singapore, Burmese Teak and White Oak wood are commonly used for parquet flooring materials.

You can select from a different range of colors to match your decor. Darker flooring shades come with subtle colors that fit into an unpretentious style that adds the look of a sophisticated room. Lighter tones could be the best match if your home is designed in a rustic style or with more traditional decor and furnishings. The lighter tones make a warm, homey ambience. The vast selection of colors guarantees that homeowners will get the look best suited to their style preferences.

Prices vary based on the type, size, and style; parquet flooring is typically one of the cheapest flooring alternatives. It is a practical option for those who want to cut costs with their flooring design

Parquet flooring can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for long-lasting and durable flooring choices. It can be easily cleaned and stable, so it won’t require replacing more often than other types of flooring.

Cons Of Parquet Flooring

One drawback to flooring made of parquet is that it can’t be used in areas with an ongoing flow of water, which could render it unsuitable for specific homes or locations.

A further disadvantage is that maintaining parquet flooring isn’t easy and often requires the assistance of a professional to keep a healthy, lively appearance over time.

Pros Of Timber Flooring

Here are the things you need to know about the Timber Flooring:

Timber flooring can be found in planks or strips, according to the space in which it will be installed. Flooring made of wood adds an element of class and natural warmth to your home.

This kind that is used for flooring can be a good option due to its durability and will last for years. It’s also easy to put in timber flooring on top of concrete.

Timber flooring can be found in a range of types of wood, based on the style that suits your home. It isn’t as noticeable as parquet flooring, but it is a great option to create a subtle tone for your home’s flooring.

The flooring made of timber is a popular choice for houses and is available in a range of colors and woods that complement a home’s decor and design.

Cons Of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring has a higher rate of wear and tear than other flooring materials. Should you have any scratches or damages, most are fixable by doing sand and varnish. A tip to maintain timber flooring is to lift up objects instead of dragging them across the timber flooring as dragging objects may leave unsightly lines on the timber flooring.

The Distinction Between Timber Flooring And Parquet

Hardwood floorings are available in planks or blocks of parquet, and the significant difference is the size and the way the flooring is laid. Planks are large (usually with different lengths) and thin, while Parquet blocks are much more compact and are uniform in dimensions. If you’re looking to choose between these two, look at the following information. We hope this helps you make the best choice.

Flooring made of planks is explained

Plank-style wood flooring consists of planks of flooring, whether engineered or solid laid side-by-side across the length. The majority of them come with the tongue and groove design. While the flooring is the plank design, there are still a variety of plank lengths and widths that accommodate the specific needs of your home and, obviously, your personal style preference.

They look stylish and timeless. They can be a perfect combination for any type of home and instantly add natural warmth and charm to any space. Planks can also be used in various ways as they can be placed in almost every room of your home, regardless of size, and can even be used on an escalator. In addition they can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Parquet block Wood flooring explained

Parquet block flooring is a fantastic alternative to planks when you want something unique and also has more sophistication. Parquet blocks are shorter than traditional planks, and they are made with the same shape. The blocks themselves are made with an elongated tongue and groove shape. Because of the intricate nature of parquet patterns we always suggest that you hire a skilled and skilled floor fitter for installation.

Visually, parquet flooring provides an impact and is ideal for bigger spaces. In most cases, you also will need an area of border with parquet flooring in the middle. It is an excellent complement to any type of room or house, and it is inevitable that you will not be disappointed by the parquet floor.

The primary distinctions between timber floorings and parquet planks

  • Blocks of Parquet are significantly smaller than planks
  • Parquet can be used for making patterns.
  • Each is easy to clean after and maintain.
  • Parquet is usually solid wood, whereas planks are a mix of engineered or solid.
  • You can find flooring products to match both
  • Planks are a possibility to be installed on the staircase, but parquet is not.
  • Parquet flooring is not able to be floating since it has to be fixed in place
  • With planks , you can enjoy the flexibility of floating being glued
  • They can last for a long time If they are correctly installed and looked after


The timber flooring and parquet have pros and pros but both are a viable choice for homes so make sure you know the type of flooring before you make your decision.

If you’re having difficulty making a decision, consult an expert for opinions and seek guidance in this field. Expert advice from SG Goodwood, a professional wood contractor in Singapore can help narrow your options and leave you with stunning flooring.


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