Floor decking is often a need for new house owners for several reasons. Made of wood or composite wood (WPC), the idea of floor decking usually involves raising a floor to a certain required level.


Why Do We Do Floor Decking?

1. Cover planter box for safety

Many condominiums in Singapore come with a planter box in their balcony. This planter box is a big hole, typically half meter deep that may cause potential tripping hazards. House owners with kids and pets are particularly concerned about these planter boxes.

Composite (WPC) Floor Decking Covering Planter Box

2. Cover unsightly base flooring

Sometimes new house owners discover a certain outdoor area which is not aesthetically to their liking. Such an area could be concrete floor, soil ground or tile floor. At times, there is even a visible drain that is not so pleasing to see.

Wooden Floor Decking Covering Drain and Soil Ground


3. Replace existing wood decking

Wood floor decking may also deteriorate due to natural wear and tear over many years. This means that there is also a demand to redo new floor decking.


4. Cover unused Jacuzzi pool

While not many houses have a jacuzzi facility, we do get enquiries to cover jacuzzi with floor decking every year. When a new owner moves in to a new house and discovers a jacuzzi system which he does not appreciate, he would realize that covering the jacuzzi with floor decking is a cheaper solution to removing the jacuzzi system.

Composite Floor Decking Covering Jacuzzi Pool


Types Of Floor Decking

Now that we have discussed some typical reasons why one would want to consider getting a floor decking, let’s have a look at the types of floor deckings available in Singapore.

1. Composite floor decking (WPC)

Composite floor decking, or often referred to as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), is a mixture of plastic and wood. It comes with aluminium hollow section support and is generally more lasting than other floor decking choices. For those prioritize practicality and ease of maintenance, composite floor decking would be your answer.

Composite Wood Floor Decking


2. Chengal floor decking

Chengal wood comes from Malaysia and is the most popular choice for natural wood floor decking in Singapore. Most solid wood floor decking in Singapore that you see are made of Chengal wood, varnished in dark walnut or black colour. Of all natural woods, Chengal wood is known to be one of the most lasting woods when placed outdoor. As such, it is a popular choice for floor decking.

Chengal Wood Floor Decking Surrounding Pool


3. Burmese Teak floor decking

Burmese Teak wood is considered one of the most premium woods in Singapore. Well known for its golden brown raw colour, it is at times used for outdoor floor decking as well.

Burmese Teak Wood Floor Decking for Balcony



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