Decking and flooring are two sides of the same coin. One is meant for indoor use, and one is for outdoor areas. Like flooring, you have multiple choices for decking materials, each with strengths and weaknesses. However, timber floor decking remains among the safest and most reliable options. 


Timber is known for its durability and timeless aesthetic. While the look is always subject to preference, its durability cannot be denied. If you want to include decking in your home, its endurance should be your priority. Timber always delivers in that department. 


This article covers the features of timber decking and compares it with other decking materials. If you’re still on the fence about getting timber as your decking material, the following sections might convince you to try it. 


6 Exciting Features of Timber Floor Decking 


While not necessarily a centrepiece for your home, it still helps to have beautiful and well-maintained decking. Choosing the correct material for this part of your home is crucial because of these factors. 



Here are features that will make choosing timber decking easier for you: 


1. Natural Aesthetics and Warmth

Some materials will make you feel a certain way. Timber decking exudes natural warmth and elegance. Your outdoor area can sometimes look barren with just some plants. Other outdoor areas are terraces with the usual view of other buildings or houses. Timber floor decking breaks that monotony and offers you something new. 


2. Versatility in Design

Wood is easily customisable. You can always choose a parquet or other geometric patterns if you don’t want a plain-looking design. Other materials might be hard to mould into whatever designs you want. On the other hand, timber can be cut into small pieces and laid out horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, depending on your preference. 


3. Seamless Transition from Indoors to Outdoors

The timber floor decking can also complement your indoor area. If you choose timber flooring, decking made of the same material can create uniformity. Following this design can also make your home appear spacious. While there’s nothing wrong with mixing different styles, it’s better to follow a single theme for your home. 


4. Durability and Longevity

Some decking materials require extensive maintenance. However, timber’s natural properties and finishes make it more durable. It’s no secret that dirt can cause deterioration in your flooring and decking. But, because of timber’s dirt resistance, they become easier to clean, affecting its durability. 


5. Enhanced Outdoor Experience

Let’s face it; your outdoor area could use more eye candies other than your plants. Timber decking could offer a change of scenery for your outdoor space. Aside from the different designs you can use, their rustic look will surely break the monotony of your back or front yard. 


6. Sustainability

Sustainability has become a hot topic these days because of the effort to be more environmentally friendly. You’d be happy to know that the timber used for decking is responsibly sourced from protected areas. Furthermore, a single batch is enough to last for multiple generations because of its durability. 


Timber Floor Decking vs Composite Decking


Like flooring, decking can also have different materials. Your choice of these materials will ultimately boil down to your preferences. However, the durability and sheer beauty of timber cannot be denied. 


Here are different decking materials and how timber floor decking fares against them: 

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from synthetic materials or a mixture of wood flakes and plastic. Because of its synthetic composition, this material is highly rot-resistant and ideal for outdoors. However, in terms of looks, the uniform appearance of composite decking might be too monotonous. Timber looks more elegant and can still go toe-to-toe regarding durability.


Timber Floor Decking FAQs


Can timber decking withstand heavy foot traffic?

The timber floor decking is designed with heavy foot traffic in mind. But, like other areas of our home, it can still be damaged if we don’t maintain it properly. Occasionally cleaning the surface and ensuring it’s free from too much moisture will allow it to retain its durability. 


Is timber decking resistant to insects and rot?

The coating used as timber decking’s finish ensures insect and rot resistance. However, you must also do your part by providing minimal exposure to moisture. Another crucial factor is your wood choice. Some wood materials, like teak, have natural oils that reinforce their durability. 


Can timber decking be used around water or pool areas?

You can use timber decking around pool areas. However, its durability will depend on the wood species you’ve chosen. Ensure you’ve picked water-resistant wood to avoid the headaches associated with rotting or warped decking. 


Good Wood Carpentry is One of Singapore’s Authorities Regarding Timber Floor Decking


It’s hard to decide which quality you should value regarding floor decking. On the one hand, you want aesthetically pleasing decking; on the other, a durable material. If you choose timber as your decking material, you won’t have to be torn between those two choices. 


This article discussed the best features of timber decking for your terrace. Additionally, we covered how this fantastic material fares against other decking materials. We hope we have clarified things by also answering frequently asked questions about this topic. 


Good Wood Carpentry in Singapore specialises in installing and maintaining timber decks. But our services don’t end there. We also offer fencing, stairs and handrails, and artificial grass installation. Our goal is to bring nature’s wonders into every Singaporean home. We’re closer to reaching that goal with services like the ones discussed.  


If you want to experience these materials first-hand, this is the perfect time to do that! Contact us now! If you want to experience nature and its benefits in your home, let us at Good Wood Carpentry help you do that! 


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