Homogeneous tiles


Tiles are considered to be some of the best flooring materials available. They not only look good, but they also have a good foot feel when walking on them. With various tile types to choose from, you also cannot run out of options on what to install on your homes or for different rooms within.

A homogeneous tile is one of the tile types you can choose from. Homogeneous tiles are among these choices, and this type of tiles is often lauded for being durable and low maintenance. Many homeowners opt to use homogeneous tiles for different parts of their house or even for the whole area.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having homogeneous tiles installed at your home so that you, too, can enjoy these benefits.

Homogeneous Tiles

Homogeneous tiles are subjected to high heat, making them sturdy and durable in the process. Just as high heat forges stronger steel, they can also create more powerful tiles, which is the same reasoning the makers of homogeneous tiles follow.

Homogeneous tiles are also water-resistant, which means that slipping will never be an issue if these tiles are installed. These tiles are non-porous or have no small, rough parts that let the water run through and retain some on their surface, like porcelain tiles.

These tiles can be typically seen in establishments expecting heavy foot traffic, like airports, malls, and restaurants. Homogeneous tiles are also called heavy-duty tiles for a reason, and that reason is they can handle a lot before showing signs of degradation or stress on their surface.


Top 5 Benefits of Having Homogeneous Tiles Installed at Home

Now that we’ve covered the basics about homogeneous tiles let us discuss the benefits of having these tiles installed at your homes in detail. While there are already apparent benefits like its durability and its ability to prevent slipping, we still need to delve deeper into what makes them so and discuss other benefits that might not be apparent at first glance.

Here are the benefits that you get to enjoy by having homogeneous tiles installed:

1. Dirt Resistant


Tiles in pristine condition 


Homogeneous tiles are generally tightly packed and very sturdy. The non-porous nature of these tiles makes them not gather dirt which can make their way in between tiles and may get caught by some rough parts other types of tiles have.

That’s not to say that homogeneous tiles cannot be touched by dirt; they still can gather dirt, but it’s easy to clean off the dust on their surface with the way they are constructed and how smooth their surfaces are.

You can typically find homogeneous tiles installed on the kitchen area or the bathroom because it’s easy to maintain their pristine condition even within these areas that tend to get dirty quickly.


2. Slip Resistant

Slip resistant tiles


Another feature of homogeneous tiles that benefit from their non-porous quality is their ability to be slip-resistant. Typically, the other types of tiles are glazed tiles, meaning these tiles are coated with enamel, which tends to be slippery. The reason homogeneous tiles are the preferred tiles for areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom is that they are unglazed.

Unglazed tiles are made differently from glazed ones in that unglazed tiles are subjected to high heat. This high heat creates a material akin to clay and gives off a more natural feel to the end product, hence, the slip-resistant quality.


3. Durable


Thick and durable



By subjecting these tiles to high heat, the makers essentially created tiles that could withstand extreme conditions. People who have different types of tiles installed in their homes have undoubtedly experienced their tiles loosening or even cracking due to damages caused by time. With homogeneous tiles, that life span is doubled or tripled.

There is a reason why these types of tiles are used in malls and other areas that experience heavy foot traffic, and it’s because of their ability to withstand a lot. If you were to have these tiles installed in your home, trust that areas that not only experience heavy foot traffic but the occasional stains and water as well will take years or decades to give out.


4. Crack Resistant


Homogeneous tiles can withstand cracks


Cracks on the surface of thinner tiles are not new to homeowners who have tiles installed within their homes. The weakening of the tile cement beneath the tiles can also be an issue, further increasing the chances of cracking the surface of these tiles by stepping on them at the wrong angles. Due to the creation process for these tiles, homogeneous tiles are not easy to crack and be broken.

The unglazed quality of these tiles also protects them from breaking completely. Typically, with thinner tiles, a single small crack is all it takes to break the tile completely; it won’t be an issue with homogeneous tiles. Unglazed tiles have qualities similar to clay and can sustain small cracks and keep them within the affected area. These heavy-duty tiles are used for the kitchen area for that reason.


5. Versatile

Outdoor homogeneous tiles



Some tiles are built specifically for outdoor use, while some are built for indoors. You can use homogeneous tiles containing the qualities of ceramic and porcelain tiles for both. The plain colors of these tiles also make them versatile because they are not too brightly colored to be distracting when used indoors and not too blandly colored for outdoor settings.

Mixing and matching different colored tiles can also counteract the monotony of the colors, so the possibilities with homogeneous tiles are endless. With its durability on top of its other qualities like its ability to prevent slipping, it is solely up to the homeowners where to put these tiles.



Homogeneous tiles have got to be the most sought-after type of tiles. Their durability and other qualities like their dirt and slip resistance can be placed anywhere the owners like. Being intended for heavy-duty use also makes them stand the test of time, perfect for your dream home that you intend to pass on to future generations.

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