Timber decking is the best choice for many homeowners looking to create an outdoor living space. There are a variety of timber decking materials available on the market, each with its unique benefits.

Hardwoods such as jarrah and Merbau are durable and long-lasting, making them great for high traffic areas. Softwoods such as cedar and redwood are more affordable and offer a natural resistance to rot and decay.

Composite timber decking is made from wood fibres and plastic, making it an attractive and low-maintenance option. When choosing timber decking materials, it is essential to consider the climate in your area and the amount of traffic your deck will get. With so many options available, a timber decking material will be perfect for your home.

There are plenty of wood species you can pick from in the case of timber decking for outdoor decks and balconies. They include:

1. Accoya

2. Teak

3. Chengal

4. Ironwood

5. Merbau

Every species is unique and has distinct unique characteristics. Let us find the best one for you based on what you prefer.


It is a prized wood due to its outstanding performance, and it is among the top wooden flooring decking and offers a contemporary look. It is a wood processed which is not contaminated with harmful substances since the process only increases the concentration of the existing elements in the molecular structure of wood.

It is a top-quality wood because of its outstanding dimension stability, which is not shrinking, swell or rot-resistant, making it the ideal material suitable for the outdoor deck.

Accoya wood is highly resistant to rot and durable in all temperatures. The wood is not contaminated with toxic substances since this process enhances the number of existing elements in the molecular structure of wood.


Has been known for centuries as the most stable and durable wood suitable for outdoor use. It is traditionally used for boats, outdoor flooring, furniture, and flooring, and it has exceptional characteristics that make it ideal for decking.

It can withstand extreme weather conditions and isn’t susceptible to shrinking or expanding. Due to the strength of its structure, it can provide sufficient power to withstand the impact of weight and falling objects.

It’s getting better. Teak is famous for its ability to secrete oil from nature with an iron-based composition, and it repels insects. The oil also serves as a stopper to water by preventing water from leaking through, thus avoiding damage from water.


It is a popular choice in Singapore because it is cheaper than other outdoor timbers. The wood is known for its toughness and resistance to termite and fungi, and this tropical hardwood is excellent for decking timber.

The Timber Authority classifies the chengal timber as heavy tropical hardwood. The wood’s hardness makes sure that decking doesn’t decay as quickly when exposed to extreme conditions. This makes it a perfect decking material for Singapore’s tropical climate.


It is among the most challenging woods for deck flooring, and it is this because it is extremely tough. Builders think Ironwood is one of the most stable woods, which makes it ideal for decking outdoors.

Ironwood is also believed as one of the most durable lumbers on the market. Furthermore, it has a high dimensional density, which makes it resistant to external pressures, such as fluctuations in temperature and moisture of the environment. The ironwood density is already high before even the drying process in the kiln.


Timber decking is timber used for deck floors. It is usually tropical hardwood timber from an area that has a tropical climate. The most commonly used type of timber for decking is Merbau. Merbau timber is a dark reddish-brown colour with a very dense grain. This makes it very sturdy and durable for weathering, rotting and termites. It is also a very hard timber, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as deck floors. Merbau timber decking is also easier to maintain than other types of timber because it does not require painting or staining.


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