Solid wood flooring in Singapore has long been a popular choice for indoor flooring, particularly for bedrooms. This type of flooring is trendy, and engineered hardwood is an affordable alternative. While some cheaper options like Vinyl flooring is made to appear like wood, many are still able to distinguish the natural beauty of natural wood.

Solid timber is a natural-organic construction material. Solid wood flooring can warm up spaces, adding warmth and elegance to small rooms. Many stains are available, so choosing the best wood flooring for your space is up to you.

Benefits Of Installing Solid Wood Flooring In Your Home

Timber flooring can add value to properties due to its exclusivity. In Singapore, solid wood flooring is usually made of Teak wood and Oak wood. These woods are solid hardwood, and that is why they make for a strong and reliable material for indoor flooring.


SG Goodwood’s solid wood flooring provides a selection of beautiful wood flooring. The most common reason for house owners to install solid wood flooring at home is because they like the grains of the wood they choose. The grains and tonality of the solid wood provides an extra dimension to the aesthetic aspect of the house. It may also raises up the monetary value of the house as it is a common knowledge that wood flooring is considered a premium flooring option.

Temperature Moderation

If you have ever woken up from bed feeling cold on your feet, most likely the flooring is not wood. Solid wood flooring is well known to radiate temperature well – it does not get too cold and it does not get too hot. This property of solid timber flooring is often appreciated by architects and therefore many bedrooms are designed to have timber flooring in it, as the temperature of bedrooms fluctuate between days and nights with air-conditioning.

Sand and Varnish

It is no secret that wood is not scratch-proof. Wear and tear is a common consideration factor for house owners. Wood flooring can be sanded and varnish to remove scratches and most stains, without the hassle of replacing the wood flooring itself. Due to the thickness of the hardwood flooring, some house owners have sanded and varnished their wood flooring several times.

Choices and Colors

There are many species of wood, like there are many races of humans. This means house owners have the option to choose which particular wood that has the characteristics to suit the owner’s preference and taste. Even with the same species of wood, they can be varnished to different colors.


Solid White Oak Wood Flooring With Clear Varnish

Above picture shows solid White Oak timber flooring stained with a clear transparent coating. Below picture shows solid White Oak timber flooring stained with a darker varnish.

Solid White Oak Timber Flooring With Dark Varnish


Solid wood flooring has many advantages, making it a popular choice in homes and businesses. It would help if you considered the many benefits of solid wood flooring. Solid wood may be your best choice if you want stylish and durable flooring. Contact SG Goodwood today to know more about the best solid wood flooring in Singapore.


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