As parents, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and safe space for our children. From selecting appropriate furniture to keeping the room free of clutter and mess, every little detail matters. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked when designing rooms is flooring choice – specifically parquet floors. That’s why we will explore some benefits of parquet floors for creating ideal environments for our little ones!


Let’s first discuss why having a comfortable and safe space for children is so essential. When children feel safe and comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to be happy, healthy and productive. It means more time for learning and discovery! So, keep reading to get more insight about the benefits of parquet flooring for your kids room!

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is a stylish type of wooden flooring that features wooden tiles arranged in geometric patterns.


Parquet flooring, also known as mosaic flooring, is made by cutting different hardwoods into shapes. These tiles are then laid together to create unique patterns such as chevron and herringbone. With its wide range of available designs, you can make any desired effect for your floors! Parquet is also known as mosaic flooring because its tiles can come with square edges. It adds warmth and charm that complement modern and traditional homes – perfect for kids’ rooms.

9 Reasons to Choose Parquet Flooring for Your Kids’ Room

Parquet Flooring is Durable and Long-lasting

Parquet flooring is an excellent choice for those who are looking for long-lasting and durable floors. When compared to other flooring options, parquet floors have proven to be more resilient and capable of withstanding the test of time.


One reason for this is that parquet floors are made from high-quality materials designed to endure heavy traffic and wear and tear. Unlike other types of flooring, parquet floors are built to last and maintain their beauty and functionality even after years of use.


Parquet floors are a great option for homes with kids because they can handle spills and lots of walking without getting damaged or worn out. They’re very durable and can withstand a lot of activity.


Parquet floors are durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your kids’ floors often or spending too much time and money on maintenance!

Easy to Clean and Maintain


One of the many benefits of choosing parquet flooring is that it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain unlike other types of flooring that need a lot of time and effort to keep them looking their best.


Parquet floors only need a little care to maintain their shine and beauty. They are made of high-quality materials resistant to stains and spills, making them easy to clean up. Parquet floors can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth or mop, whether it’s a juice spill, mud tracks or food stains.


This is especially important for parents, as we all know how messy and unpredictable children can be. Kids’ rooms, from playtime to snack time, tend to get dirty and cluttered quickly. If you have a floor that’s easy to clean and take care of, you don’t have to worry about messes. That means you can spend more time having fun with your kids.


Also, parquet floors need minimal maintenance compared to other flooring options. They don’t need regular polishing or waxing, making them a hassle-free choice for those who have busy schedules. Parquet floors are also resistant to scratches and scuffs, which means they can maintain their beauty for years.

Provides Comfort 


Parquet floors are great for providing a comfortable surface for playing and sitting. They are different from hard floors like tile because they’re made of small pieces of wood that fit together. This creates a slightly softer surface to walk and play on. Your kids can play for hours without getting sore knees or feeling uncomfortable on the floor.


Not only do parquet floors provide comfort, but they can also make a child’s room more inviting and enjoyable. With a comfortable surface to play on, children may be more likely to spend time playing and using their imaginations in their rooms. This can help to foster creativity and a love of learning.

Parquet Flooring is Safe for Your Kids

Kids can easily slip and fall, so parents must be careful about choosing a safe flooring option. Thankfully, parquet flooring can help prevent these kinds of accidents. The slip-resistant nature of parquet flooring makes it much less likely for children to fall or slip, even if the surface is slippery.


Parquet flooring is made to last longer than other types of floors, so it can handle the wear and tear of kids running around and playing. This makes it a great investment for parents who want to provide their kids with a safe and long-lasting flooring option.


Slips and falls can be painful and even dangerous, but parquet flooring can help prevent these kinds of accidents. Parquet flooring lets parents relax and not worry as much about their children getting hurt from slipping and falling.




Choosing eco-friendly options can go a long way in promoting sustainability when enhancing your kids’ room. That’s why parquet flooring is an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious parents.


Parquet flooring is eco-friendly because it’s made from renewable materials, like wood. Unlike synthetic materials that may cause harm to the environment, wood is a natural and sustainable resource. Plus, parquet flooring is often made from recycled wood, which reduces waste and conserves resources.


You can teach your kids the significance of caring for the planet by choosing parquet floors. You can explain to them how to use wood as a renewable resource in a sustainable manner. You can also teach them about eco-friendly options like parquet flooring, which can help reduce our impact on the environment. It’s a great way to teach your children about the importance of environmental practices and inspire them to be mindful of their actions.


Hygienic and Resistant to Allergens


We want to ensure that our children live in a healthy environment, especially if they have allergies or respiratory issues. Did you know that parquet flooring can help with this?


One of the great benefits of parquet flooring is that it doesn’t trap dust, mites, or pet dander. Carpets can trap allergens and dust, but parquet flooring is smooth and easy to clean. That’s why it’s a great choice for families with children who have allergies. This means they can breathe easier knowing fewer allergens are floating around their rooms.


Another benefit of parquet flooring is that it is easy to clean and sanitize. Parquet flooring can be swept, mopped, or even vacuumed easily, unlike carpets, which can be difficult to deep clean. This is important when young children are more susceptible to infections and illnesses.


Parquet flooring can be helpful for children who have allergies or breathing problems. It can make a big difference in their health and how they feel. It can also help reduce the frequency and severity of their symptoms by minimizing the dust and allergens in the home. Plus, the ease of cleaning and sanitizing makes it easier to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your family.

Noise Reduction


Have you ever realized that some types of floors can make a lot of noise? Especially when your little ones are playing or running around?


Parquet floors are great for reducing noise in your kids’ rooms. Parquet floors are often made by arranging small pieces of wood in a specific pattern. This makes the surface of the floor strong and steady, and it doesn’t make as much noise as other types of floors. So, when your kids play with their toys or jump around, you won’t hear as much noise reverberating through the house.


But noise reduction isn’t just about making your home quieter. It’s also important for your kids’ concentration and sleep. When there’s a lot of background noise, it can be harder for children to focus on their homework or other tasks that need concentration. And when it’s time for bed, a noisy room can make it more difficult for them to fall asleep, leading to crankiness and other problems.


Versatile and Comes in Different Designs


One of the best things about parquet flooring is that it comes in various designs and styles. And because parquet flooring is made from natural materials like wood, each piece is unique with its grain and texture.


This versatility allows parents to create unique and stylish spaces for their children. When creating a special space for your little ones, like a nursery, a playroom, or a bedroom, you have a lot of choices when it comes to parquet flooring. You can choose from many different designs and styles to make a practical and pretty room.


For example, you could opt for a classic herringbone pattern in a light oak finish for a timeless and elegant look. If you’re going for a more playful and modern vibe, choose a geometric pattern in a bold color.

Parquet Flooring vs. Other Flooring Options for Kids’ Rooms


When it comes to choosing flooring for our kids’ rooms, there are a lot of options out there. Let’s check out some of the most well-known choices.


Carpet is popular for kids’ rooms because it’s soft and comfortable. But it can also harbor allergens and dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma. It’s also prone to stains and spills, which can be difficult to clean.


Tiles are another option; they’re great for durability and easy cleaning. But they can be hard and cold underfoot, which may be less comfortable for your little ones. They can also be slippery when wet, which can be a safety hazard!


So, why is parquet flooring the best choice for your kids’ rooms? It’s made from natural materials like wood, so it can handle the normal wear and tear that comes with daily use. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. This means that parquet flooring is tough enough to endure the rough and tumble of daily use.


Parquet flooring is available in a lot of different designs and styles. This means you can make a one-of-a-kind and fashionable room for your children that shows off their individuality and what they like. Unlike carpet, parquet flooring doesn’t trap allergens, as we’ve mentioned earlier. This means it can help to make the air inside your home cleaner and healthier, reducing the chances of allergies and breathing problems.


When it comes to selecting a flooring option for your children’s rooms, there are a lot of choices available. But if you’re looking for durable, stylish flooring with health benefits, parquet flooring is the way to go. So, why not consider parquet flooring for your next home renovation project? Your kids will thank you for it!


Is Parquet Flooring a Good Choice for Your Kids’ Room?


Absolutely! Parquet flooring is a fantastic choice for your kids’ room. If you’re searching for a flooring option that’s both stylish and practical for your kids’ room, parquet flooring is a must-have. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and improves indoor air quality, making it the perfect choice for your little ones.


If you’re designing your child’s room, consider parquet flooring. With its many benefits, it’s a must-have for any kids’ room.


And when it comes to parquet flooring installation in Singapore, there’s no better choice than SG Goodwood. We’ll be there for you throughout the entire process of installing your parquet flooring, making sure that it meets the highest standards. Our team is committed to ensuring that you get the best possible service. We use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your flooring is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.


If you want to understand more about our parquet flooring installation services in Singapore, contact us today! Why wait? Make the switch today and give your kids a room they’ll love to play and grow in for years.


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