Balcony decking is the best way to add extra living space to your home, and it gives an outdoor living area that can be used for entertaining guests or relaxing in the sun. Balcony decking is also a great way to increase the value of your home.

Balconies are relatively easy to install and can be built from various materials, making them an excellent option for remodelling projects and new construction. Balcony decking can be made from traditional lumber, composite decking, or even concrete pavers. No matter what material you choose, balcony decking is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Types Of Balcony Decking Materials

Composite wood decking and wood decking are among the most popular alternatives for balconies in Singapore homes.

With the increasing number of homes with modern layouts and more homeowners are opting to live in homes that have private outdoor spaces to get more of a cosy, intimate feeling. Adding a wooden deck to your Balcony will add an outdoor vibe.

The question is, which outdoor decking material is best to deck your patio? Natural wooden decking or composite decking?


We review the strengths and drawbacks of both decking choices:

1.) Wood Decking

Homeowners must be aware that there are a variety of materials for decking made of solid wood, including Chengal Wood, Ironwood, Balau and Merbau. The most commonly used option in balconies all over Singapore is the Chengal wood decking. It is sturdy, solid, and has a more absorbent coating than other decking species. Because of its natural characteristics, give your Balcony in tropical Singapore an authentic sense of honesty.

It also offers more protection from ultraviolet rays and heat. But in contrast to synthetic decking, it is essential to maintain the balcony deck at least on a half-yearly or a yearly basis.

2.) Composite Wood Decking

The composite wood decking is generally a more durable option for balcony flooring in Singapore because it is composed of an artificial material that can withstand the elements of outdoor life. It is also less challenging to maintain than wooden decking.

However, homeowners need to understand that decking materials made of composite differ in quality due to their specific production standards. It is essential to know the source of manufacture (and not the head of marketing) for the decking material, particularly with the large variety of companies available today.

In the end, it’s the insides of the composite decking that is the most important thing. A responsible manufacturer of composite wood decking will ensure their product is of the best quality for quality and durability, so check out for credible certifications like PEFC or the Singapore green Label and the PEFC.

The composite wood decking products are available in various structures – certain in a honeycomb-like design and others with the whole solid construction. A seller could claim that their product’s system is the strongest. But, the most important thing is to check the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Does the warranty come from the manufacturer or distributor? It might be difficult to assert if you require it if it’s from an intermediary. So, if contemplating installing composite decking on your deck in Singapore, check the manufacturer before making an informed choice on the most suitable decking for your Balcony.

The bottom line is that no matter the type of material you select, it is essential to know the reliability of the manufacturer and distributor sources is the primary and critical element when you’re searching for the suitable decking material for your deck.

Is wood suitable for your Balcony Decking?

A common question asked by a customer is, should I put in composite decking for my home instead of a wood balcony? Do you think wood decking is suitable as a balcony? The answer is”yes” and “no”.


Let’s take a look at NO first.

Why is wood decking not suitable for balconies?

In the beginning, maintenance can be the biggest issue with wood decking. If you’re the homeowner who feels it’s challenging to re-varnish, recoat or re-paint your deck every six months, then wood decking isn’t the right choice. If you don’t maintain your wood decking, there is a chance of getting your deck damaged because of weather or wear and tear.

Second, splinters could be a problem, especially in homes with kids or pets for decking made of wood for the deck. Therefore, the only way to avoid the issue of splinters is to prevent the wood completely.

The next step is to consider the selection of wood materials used for decking may be different and is often a challenge between decking contractors. For instance, a high-quality chengal decking is typically made from matured chengal lumber. In contrast, poor quality chengal wood decking comes from young chengal trees. Within the same developed species of wood, there are various types. Therefore, it’s dependent on the reliability of the decking contractor you choose to offer you the best quality decking material for your deck, even if you’re a professional in wood.


Let’s take a look at the Yes!

Decking made of wood on your Balcony offers a variety of advantages. It is an excellent insulator of heat when compared to plastic decking. The constant sun’s heat does not trigger the person to dance around the wooden deck, however, they will dance around on poor quality plastic decking. If you are outside and it’s cold and wet, it’s not likely to be able to feel your feet cold as you walk on wooden decking.

Additionally, wood decking provides your Balcony with a unique design, and this is because every plant on a wooden deck board is distinct from the others. Thus, your balcony deck is not uniformly alike if you have installed wooden decking rather than composite decking.

Finally, if you know how to care for your decking made of wood it will last for a long time. If you don’t mind regularly keeping your deck in good condition, look at wood decking.


Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd

If you are looking for a new balcony deck, there are many materials to choose from. Good Wood Carpentry Pte Ltd can help you narrow down your options and better understand the different types of materials available.

When making your last decision, consider the climate in Singapore and how much wood you need to use for your balcony decking.

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