Your flooring can sometimes make or break the look of your home. Since flooring occupies a larger space than other parts of your home, it must be chosen carefully. While you have different options regarding flooring materials, timber floors remain popular. 


Timber refers to pieces of wood cut into planks or boards. Since there are different wood sources, you also get timber with varying degrees of durability and other features. The trick is to find a material that suits your needs and goals for your flooring. 


This article covers why timber is an ideal material for your flooring. You will also get a sneak peek at how this flooring is installed. If these things interest you, you’ll find the following sections fascinating.  


7 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Timber Floor

The beauty of this flooring type is undeniable. Whether you’re going for a rustic look or a modern one for your home, it can still adapt to the overall aesthetic. But the benefits of this material go beyond its looks and might even serve you in the long run. 


Here are the reasons why timber is a good choice for a flooring material: 

1. Natural Beauty and Warmth

The words “rustic” and “warm” doesn’t just perfectly describe this material; timber is the very embodiment of these words. Different materials give various impressions to the people around them. Timber floors have a naturally inviting and elegant look to them. 


2. Durability and Longevity

Another option regarding flooring types is tiles. If you compare tiles to timber, the latter is more durable. Suppose you drop something heavy on a tiled floor; there’s a huge chance it will get cracks. You might get minor scratches with wooden materials, but nothing beyond that. This material can also stand the test of time, making it perfect for ancestral homes. 


3. Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability

With the world’s focus shifting towards being more eco-friendly, having timber floors fits into that advocacy. At the end of its life cycle, you can repurpose this flooring into anything you want. Additionally, since it is durable, you can expect to use this flooring for a long time. Using this floor for a long time helps save the environment since trees don’t need to be cut constantly. 


4. Versatility and Design Options

Aside from the options regarding wooden materials, you can also have different design choices with this flooring type. Hardwood flooring can also use parquet designs to add allure to your floors. You can be limited to specific designs with different flooring types, but the end of your creativity is the only limit with timber. 


5. Healthy Indoor Environment

Dust build-up can cause different health problems in your home. The scariest thing about this problem is you don’t have a way of measuring how much dust has accumulated. Unlike carpets or other flooring materials, eliminating dust is quicker with timber floors. Aside from making dust immediately visible, all it takes is a quick sweep or vacuum to eliminate dirt. 


6. Value and Timelessness

One of the best things about timber floors is their timeless look. Even if your home’s theme is a modern one, wooden flooring will never look out of place in it. Furthermore, having a design this versatile increases your home’s value. If you decide to sell your home after a while, a well-maintained wooden floor is an attractive feature for appraisers. 


7. Excellent Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Wooden floors are excellent at adapting to the temperature. If the climate is warm, your flooring can shield you from the heat coming from below. If you’re experiencing cool weather, wood has enough heat stored in it to keep the inhabitants cosy. 


How Timber Floor is Installed 

Installing wooden flooring is more complex than plopping a wooden slab onto an opening. Even though the design looks simple, wooden flooring installation involves multiple steps. While nothing prevents you from doing this process, consulting professionals like Good Wood Carpentry in Singapore is still better.


Here is the step-by-step installation process for timber floors: 

1. Subfloor Preparation

Contrary to popular belief, flooring is composed of multiple parts. The subfloor is the lowermost part of your flooring. This area should be clean and free from dirt and debris. Any obstruction in this area will cause instability to the whole structure and might hurt your flooring in the long run. 


2. Acclimation

Different rooms or areas have various natural temperatures. Some flooring companies first acclimate the wood before beginning the installation to adapt to the temperature. This step guarantees the material’s durability and ensures you can use your flooring for a long time. 


3. Layout and Planning

Like any other part of your home, your flooring requires careful planning. This step is where flooring professionals measure your rooms and devise a plan. Furthermore, if you want a parquet design for your floors, this part is where they look at how to lay it down.  


4. Installation Method

Flooring professionals will also decide on what installation method to use. This factor depends on the area’s size and your personal preferences. The commonly used installation method is to use nail and glue.



5. Finishing and Sanding

Anything that involves wood needs to be sanded and finished. Sanding ensures that the surface is smooth and free from imperfections. Finishing serves as the final coating for the wooden material. Additionally, this process provides extra protection to your timber floor, ensuring its longevity. 


Good Wood Carpentry is One of Singapore’s Leading Experts in Timber Floors

Timber floors remain among the safest and best choices if you can’t make heads or tails about flooring and its different types. Our floor covers a broader area, so choosing based on design and function is crucial. 


This article covered the importance of having this flooring material for your home. Additionally, we guided you through the step-by-step process involved in its installation. It takes discovering the ins and outs of something to be entirely sold into its idea, and by discussing these factors, we hope to have convinced you to try it. 


Good Wood Carpentry in Singapore knows our way around timber floors. We aim to bring the beauty and comfort of nature into every Singaporean home. We can achieve this goal through services like wooden flooring and timber decking installation.


If you want to experience nature and all its glory within your home, this is your chance to do it! Contact us now! Let us at Good Wood Carpentry show you how beautiful nature can be. 


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