5 Benefits of WPC 

WPC, sometimes known as wood-plastic composites, is a hybrid material that combines the benefits of wood and plastic.


Despite not being as well known as traditional building materials, it has several benefits. Here are five things to emphasise:

1. Water Resistant

Wood fibre and plastic are combined to create the wood-plastic composite. This mixture produces a material with extremely high water resistance, which is a significant benefit for building materials. You may make outdoor tables and benches from it.

2. The Material is Quite Simple to Maintain.

Wood Plastic Composite requires minimal maintenance because it is highly resistant to weather changes. Additionally, the wood/plastic combination makes it easy to clean and does not attract bugs. If wall cladding is something you’re thinking about, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for a simple material to maintain.


3. Long Lifespan


The material is highly resilient and unaffected by rain, wind, or scorching summer weather. In reality, employing WPC is environmentally benign since it uses plastic’s durability while lowering the quantity of plastic waste in landfills. It would be the best option for an outside fence because of its lengthy lifespan.

4. Anti-slip Material

It is also slip-resistant, in addition to being water-resistant. It’s a great idea to consider WPC for poolside floor decking, and there’s no need to be concerned about kids playing there barefoot!

5. Available in Several Colours

Each person has a unique preference for colours. WPC is fortunately offered in various colours, but keep in mind that it is not just an essential paint coat susceptible to weather changes. There is no need to paint the material because it comes in various colours.


5 Benefits of WPC Decking

WPC decking has experienced rapid popularity, and demand is anticipated to increase year over year. Composite decking is an excellent alternative to traditional decking and provides an extended range of benefits to distributors and end-users that make the investment worthwhile. The advantages of choosing WPC decking for your applications and outdoor spaces are outlined in the following paragraphs.

1. Durability

WPC decking provides increased durability over competing materials because it is plastic-contained. This sort of decking is made to last and is resistant to many things that generally shorten the life of wood decking thanks to its material, blend, and finish.

WPC decking is mould, fade, stain, and scratch resistant.


2. Easily Maintained

When using WPC decking, you never have to be concerned about painting, staining, or sanding. The decking can be kept up for decades with occasional soap and water cleaning.

It is important to note that composite decking has the potential to reveal water stains. While these stains usually go away after experiencing rain, they may call for more thorough cleaning in hotter temperatures because they can become more noticeable.

3. Sustainable

This composite material is long-lasting and has many of the same qualities as wood decking without harming the environment.

Many WPC decking options use recycled materials or goods created using sustainably harvested resources.

WPC decking’s long lifespan also implies that you will only ever need to replace materials more frequently than necessary, using fewer materials overall.

4. Cost-Effective

Although WPC composite decking may initially cost more, it maintains its excellent appearance year after year and requires almost no maintenance. As previously said, composite decking needs less upkeep than conventional wood decking.

As a result, you can spend a lot less time cleaning up after yourself and digging through your pockets, giving you a lot more time to spend money on other things. WPC decking will endure longer than its timber substitutes, resulting in lower overall replacement and renovation expenses.

5. Installation

Installation is simple with WPC decking, as is everything else.

The foundation must be ready, and adequate drainage must be made under the deck area.

To allow for minor expansion, ensure the subframe is spaced off from nearby walls or other obstructions.

Based on the expansion rate of WPC goods, which varies depending on local weather conditions, there must always be a space between WPC products.

As WPC products have a high density, it is advisable for a pre-drilling when fastening the beginning clips or the connecting clips to avoid fracturing or cracking the subframe.

Additionally, the substructure should be maintained. Additionally, it must be secured to the concrete at a distance using expansion screws. To ensure that every deck board has a complete bearing at each end, the subframe should also overlap.

Double-Faced WPC When upgrading and renovating, adding new decking spaces, or making extra clean, dry areas, decking should be considered. Although it may be placed at any time of the year, we recommend doing so from spring to fall because of the generally more excellent weather. Installation of decking is not advised in low temperatures.


If you are ever curious on How to Install WPC Decking, I hope this video will be of help to you.

The 3 Downfalls of WPC Decking

1. High Starting Price

WPC decking costs more upfront than wood, but when you consider how long it will last, the whole cost gives the consumer a good return on their investment.

2. Not Genuine Wood

Although WPC composite boards may resemble natural wood, they are not. Composite decking is undoubtedly a convincing facsimile, but if you’re seeking a  straight-from-the-forest answer, you will need more than this to meet your requirements.

3. It is Only Partially Maintenance-Free.

It has to be cleaned with soapy water after being checked for particles. However, it is a long way from the care timber needs.

Why Choose SGGoodWood WPC Decking?

Various SGGoodWood outdoor applications have been creatively created to beautify and better your garden. SGGoodWood’s WPC Decking is a cutting-edge decking technology that replicates wood without the upkeep and risks of a conventional wooden deck.

To suit the requirements of various goods, SGGoodWood provides WPC decking in several colours, patterns, and lengths.

Looking for a Distributor of WPC Decking?

To get the most sumptuous materials available today, you must locate a distributor if you’re looking for high-quality WPC decking solutions.

SGGoodWood WPC has one of Singapore’s most extensive selections of high-quality building supplies. To ensure that we can quickly deliver things to our customers, we maintain a large inventory and offer speedy delivery times.

WPC decking is getting more and more well-liked, and the advantages of composite materials are becoming more known.


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