WPC Flooring

What is WPC Flooring? WPC stands for wood plastic composite. In layman terms, WPC flooring is a flooring material that is made of a mixture of wood and plastic. WPC flooring is the modern-day solution to the typical problems that house owners encounter with solid wood decking. As technology advances, people come with ideas and solutions. This article aims to detail the problems that one would have to deal with when having solid decking which are unlikely to happen if he had opted for WPC flooring.


Advantages Of Wpc Flooring Over Normal Wood Flooring

1. Termite Proof

The most obvious advantage of WPC flooring against solid wood is that WPC is termite-proof. House owners can have a piece of mind that they will not have any termite problems if they choose WPC flooring for their balcony.

2. Aluminium Support

While the traditional wood decking is installed with wood support, WPC flooring comes with aluminium support, meaning you would have a rot-resistant flooring if you choose WPC floor.

WPC Flooring with aluminium support

3. Minimum cracks

Solid wood decking, particularly over a large unsheltered area, tends to develop minor surface cracks. WPC floor is very resistant to cracks. The picture below shows a typical crack issue with solid wood floor which is very unlikely to happen with WPC flooring.

Cracks on solid wood flooring

No crack on WPC Floor


4. Uniform Colour

WPC floor has a high level of consistency when it comes to colour compared to natural wood. Natural wood being natural, comes with a level of inconsistency of colour from plank to plank, particularly when they are varnished with clear or light colour.

Solid Wood Decking Variation in Colour


WPC Floor Consistent Colour


5. Minimum Warping

Another advantage of WPC floor is that is has a minimum rate of warping over time. The trick to ensure that you get the most lasting WPC floor as far as warping is concerned is to select WPC flooring material that is solid.

WPC Floor Material (Solid)

The picture above shows a WPC floor material that is solid. If you select a hollow WPC material, it is more likely to warp than solid WPC material in the long run.


6. Round Edges

While some solid wood decking planks come in square edges, our WPC floor materials come in round edges. This ensures that there are no sharp edges that you can randomly walk into on your WPC flooring.



We hope that you have had a brief understanding about WPC flooring after reading this blog. Feel free to reach us via whatsapp at 86162206 or email us at enquiry@sggoodwood.com


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