Decking can make or break the overall look of our home. While some downplay its impact because it’s located outdoors, its impact cannot be denied. You have different choices regarding floor decking materials. However, you must consider factors like moisture and rot resistance before settling for one. Luckily, WPC floor decking has those factors covered and more. 


Wood-plastic composite (WPC) merges the positive qualities of wood and plastic. Wood is known for its durability and elegance, while plastic has high rot resistance. Combining these qualities yields a result that ticks multiple boxes. 


This article discusses the benefits of having this fantastic material. Additionally, we will pit WPC against other floor decking materials to see their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we will answer the frequently asked questions related to this material.


7 Exceptional Qualities of WPC Floor Decking 


WPC takes the best of both worlds and forms an entirely new material. However, it takes knowing the ins and outs of a particular component before deeming it worthy. That said, here are the qualities of this material that’ll make you consider it part of your home: 


1. Durability

It’s no secret that wood and plastic are durable on their own. When you combine these two components, you get double the durability. Furthermore, wood has a glaring weakness: its susceptibility to rot. The plastic material’s ability to withstand rot and corrosion covers that weakness, allowing for a complete material. 


2. Low Maintenance

One common concern regarding wood flooring is the constant need for finishing. When the varnish on your wood flooring dissipates, you must refinish the entire flooring or decking. With WPC floor decking, you won’t have to worry about these things. A simple soap and water combination is enough to keep your WPC decking clean. 


3. Weather Resistance

Being outdoors means that your decking is constantly exposed to the elements. UV rays from the sun can cause discolouration in wood flooring, and rain can cause rot. However, since this material is a hybrid of wood and plastic, it’s highly resistant to the elements. If you are concerned with the aesthetic appeal of your decking, this material is your best choice. 


4. Slip Resistance

Slipping is highly likely since our decking constantly gets wet from rain, sprinklers, or people going to and from the pool. Even wood flooring isn’t safe from being slippery when it gets a bit moist. However, thanks to WPC floor decking’s natural slip resistance, you won’t have to worry about that. 


5. Eco-Friendly

You’d think that wood flooring is the only eco-friendly floor decking option. However, even with plastic, WPC is still very much eco-friendly. This material is recycled, so it’s less damaging than cutting new trees for a new batch. Good Wood Carpentry, an eco-friendly woodworking company in Singapore, even offers WPC decking, giving it an eco-friendly stamp of approval. 


6. Aesthetic Versatility

Some materials don’t lend themselves well to different designs. WPC decking can be configured to different designs and will still look great. Chevron and herringbone are just some of your options for WPC decking designs; you can still customise its appearance however you like. 


7. Comfort

WPC floor decking is comfortable to step on. This comfort is in part due to the natural warmth of wood. Stone decking can retain heat, and tiles tend to be slippery, making it hard to go barefoot. WPC eliminates those problems by giving you a perfectly balanced platform to step on. 


WPC Floor Decking vs Other Floor Decking Materials


Like any other component within your home, you are free to choose which materials to use for your decking. While your choice will always boil down to your preference, comparing and contrasting different materials is still better. 


Here’s how WPC fares against other decking materials: 


1. Traditional Wood Decking

Wood flooring is known for being durable. However, this durability needs to be supported by various coatings and layers. Additionally, the maintenance effort this material demands can be a lot. With WPC, maintenance is as simple as using water and soap to eliminate dirt. Another feature that makes WPC stand out is its eco-friendliness, making it a better choice. 


2. Concrete Patio

There is always the option to use concrete for your patio. The construction of this patio can even be during your home’s construction. However, regarding maintenance, WPC decking is a much better option since concrete is prone to cracks. Additionally, WPC floor decking adds a layer of aesthetic appeal to your outdoor area, making it a valuable addition. 


WPC Floor Decking FAQs


Can homeowners install WPC decking?

WPC is known for being easy to install, making it perfect for DIY-ers. However, it is better to hire the services of professionals like Good Wood Carpentry to ensure a smoother installation process. 



Can WPC floor decking be installed over existing surfaces?

You can install this floor decking material over existing surfaces. But you must make sure that those surfaces are stable. If you find yourself in a situation where you can build it from scratch, it’s better to choose that option. 


Good Wood Carpentry is One of Singapore’s Experts in WPC Floor Decking 


The outdoor area of your home often gets overlooked. Getting decking changes that dynamic and makes your outdoors more inviting. However, with many different materials to choose from, things can get pretty confusing. But this is where WPC floor decking comes in. 


This article covered the benefits of WPC decking. Additionally, we also compared this excellent material to other well-known decking materials. And by answering the frequently asked questions, we hope that we have made things clearer regarding this material. 


Good Wood Carpentry has everything you need regarding WPC decking. We also offer other woodworking services that will significantly benefit your home. Our goal is to bring nature’s wonders into every home in Singapore. And through our services, we are close to reaching that goal. 


If you’d like to adorn your dream home with stunning wood works, your first step starts here! Contact us now! 


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