Wood flooring is an excellent addition to any home because of its aesthetic appeal. But owners of this flooring type will tell you one thing: it’s challenging to find a type that will suit your taste. This difficulty doesn’t stem from a lack of options, however. It comes from an abundance of this material since there are seven types of wood flooring to choose from. 


As its name suggests, wood flooring is made of different types of wood. The confusion on the buyers’ side comes from the diversity of trees from where these materials come from. While they are all technically wood, they have different qualities that make them stand out. 


This article discusses the different wood flooring types. We will also discuss various maintenance techniques required for these types. Lastly, you will find answers to pressing questions about this topic here. 


2 Types of Wood Flooring and Their Qualities



As discussed earlier, wood flooring types have their own identities or qualities. Technology also plays a crucial part in developing new wood flooring types. Knowing these types is necessary so you will always be in the loop regarding these household components. 


Here are the seven types of wood flooring you can choose from: 


1. Solid Hardwood Flooring

This flooring type is made from sturdy areas of hardwood. Maple or oak are some of the most common trees used for this flooring. However, in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore or the Philippines, you can also see Burmese teak or American hardwood. This flooring is known for its durability. However, there is the downside of needing constant maintenance. 


2. Engineered Wood Flooring




This wood flooring type is designed with moisture protection in mind. The uppermost layer of this flooring is hardwood, while the following layers are plywood or high-density fibreboard (HDF). While engineered wood flooring is excellent against moisture, its lifespan is less than solid hardwood flooring. 


Different Types of Wood Flooring: Maintenance 



Your wood flooring’s overall lifespan depends on how often you maintain it. However, your maintenance duties don’t end there. Aside from the frequency, it’s also essential to take note of what methods you use in maintaining them. 


That said, here are maintenance tips for your wood flooring split into different categories: 


Cleaning Method

Since you’re dealing with wood, sweeping or using a vacuum is the most advisable cleaning method. Use a damp, not dripping, dust mop if you need this tool. Using a damp mop ensures that you will not get warped flooring.  


Moisture Protection

The general rule of thumb for all wood flooring types is to avoid excessive moisture. If you’re mopping and there’s already a puddle on the surface, you know you’ve done enough. You must remember that water ruins wood, so take reasonable care in protecting your flooring from that. 


Scratch Protection

Any type of wood flooring will look dishevelled if it gets too many scratch marks. You can protect your wood flooring from scratches by placing rugs on areas where these scratches might occur. You can also do your part by avoiding dragging heavy objects on the floor. 



All wood flooring types can be refinished, save from laminate wood flooring and cork flooring. Laminate wood flooring is exempted from this list because it’s synthetic. Cork flooring, on the other hand, requires resealing. While you can refinish your flooring, you can always contact professionals like Good Wood Carpentry in Singapore for help. 


Different Types of Wood Flooring FAQs


Can all wood flooring types be refinished?

Thick wood flooring types, like solid hardwood and engineered wood, can be refinished. 


Good Wood Carpentry in Singapore Has Different Types of Wood Flooring Materials 


Having wood flooring requires commitment from its owners. You must maintain focus from the moment you choose your go-to type of wood flooring to your maintenance efforts. Wood is an excellent flooring material since it balances style and substance. But you have to be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with it. 


We have covered the different wood flooring types. Additionally, we included maintenance tips to keep your prized possessions in tip-top shape. Finally, we’ve also addressed the frequently asked questions regarding this topic here. 


Good Wood Carpentry is one of Singapore’s go-to woodworking businesses. Our solid wood and engineered wood flooring perfectly balance style and substance. Our goal is to bring nature’s wonders into every Singaporean home. Having you choose one of our products and services will make us one step closer to our destination. 


Your journey towards stylish and highly functional wood flooring starts here! Contact us now!


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